Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yummy turkey breast
                                Happy ThanksGiving!
I hope everyone had a good Thanks giving! Picture above is of Saya's thanksgiving meal last year a turkey breast and back it lasted her for a long time.

This year I didn't get her one never found good deal on one which was not enhanced.. :\
Coarse I wasn't really looking for any turkey deals..

We went shopping for a bit got some coffee at the butcher shop only place that sells Community Coffee. A brand of coffee from Louisiana I love it. Sadly no CC stores here.. I prefer their coffee over starbucks their mochasippi are so yummy!

Anyways I always check meat section because I like their selection and sometimes they have odd and ends stuff normal stores don't like raw smelt, lamb heart, lamb kidney a container of just chicken gizzards or just hearts not just mixed up tray.

Walmart by me actually sells raw smelt, but I didn't know till now.

Well at the meat section they had nice deal buy one get one free on packs of turkey parts I got three bags of turkey necks two came with one gizzard each, two came with liver and two came with some liver.

I got a pack of turkey wings too and four or six of turkey livers forgot how much each pack weighed the pack of wing came with something with bone in it and one of the necks pack had a bit of turkey backs too.

I'm so excited! I portioned out the necks,wings, gizzards, heart and tomorrow I'm portioning out the livers going to be one messy day.

Saya loves the turkey livers she had a bit of turkey liver, heart, and cooked turkey meat, cranberries, blue berries and brocolli no salt or sugar in it..

If I can manage room in the freezer I might buy out the rest of the wings and some livers. I don't get turkey much because it's never on good deal besides thanksgiving and would be a yummy variety for bone in meals..

Saya wanted more for her dinner, but she needs save room for tomorrow.. lol

Bella wasn't fond of the turkey liver I hope she'll grow to like it soon if not I can mix it in her kibble she'll probably eat the liver like that odd since she likes pork, chicken, deer, beef, and bison liver.. Silly boxer.

I never thought she'd ever refuse food. So far she is not fond of quail/pheasant/duck not sure it was either of those, caned crab and now turkey liver..

Ah well Saya used to hate tongue, heart and kidney. Now she loves those three things and eats it frozen or thawed.

Santa's favorite
Hope everyone had good time and was safe on black Friday! My mom got the dogs a pack of loofa dogs, two hedgehog dog toys, and the turkey parts.

The toys are for Christmas they got one of the loofa now and others for if Bella destroys the first.

Just remember it can be stressful and dangerous for pets around Holidays, cooked turkey, Christmas lights, cord, tree, ornaments, tinsel, guests coming in and out of house leaving opportunities to door bolt etc.

Try to keep Things positive for the pups and if you got guests comming be sure they know to not leave door to outside open for too long and not to give human food..

I'm all for giving a dog yummy treat on top of kibble, but be sure it's OK for the dog. mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes are yummy for dogs be sure they're not sweetened with brown sugar I think walnuts are not good for dogs I might be wrong.

Turkey is yummy, but be sure to not give cooked bone to the dog if you want to you can cook the dog some ground turkey, boneless turkey and put it on the kibble. I cooked some turkey meat added bit of cranberries and blueberries blended together and it looks just like caned dog food, but home made! 

Plain cooked meat is fine I like add in blue berries and cranberries because dogs like them.

If you feed raw giving raw turkey ground, boneless, feet, wings, breast, back, neck or drumstick are yummy things for dogs. Some dogs seem have issue with turkey bones, but allowing them to stripe the meat is good exercise.

Saya handles the breast, back, and necks just fine she eats every bone she is 20lb, but it's know thy dog thing.

Pumpkin is a yummy kibble topper be sure to get just pumpkin kind not pie filling or buy a pumpkin and boil it up yourself and blind it together.

Saya and Bella loves pumpkin.

Careful of onions and careful of turkey that's enhanced the extra sodium can cause loose poop.

Never leave dog unattended while eating raw anything has risk I know dogs who died from kibble, toy, ground meat etc.

Saya has been raw fed for two almost three years so far no issues, but I still watch her she does fine, but never know.

Once I get the liver all weighed up, portioned and frozen I'll get a picture of the yummy treats. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sorry haven't posted much lately.

I've made some fish fudge dog treats for training I tweaked the recipe a bit added fresh cooked pumpkin to it and some other things.

Takaani owner entered him in a contest for a shiba rescue in NYC if he wins 5 Kuranda beds get donated to the rescue.

Kuranda dog contest They're in second place right now so vote for sharing is caring picture.