Friday, July 18, 2014

Honest kitchen preference thoughts

Saya enjoying the sun.
I bought preference while back to try just made kibble topper for Bella and snack for Saya.. I mixed with with home made broth, meat, egg, and stuff. Dogs loved it.

This last week I had Bella on it for her meals to see how she does with it and so far she loves it.

I got ground meat, ground chicken and chicken gizzards for the meat portion and made enough for the week. I kept three days worth out and froze the rest to take out as needed.

She also got a chicken quarter, beef kidney and some chicken heart for dinner one day and today she gets chicken foot, chicken liver, green tripe, and little bit of chicken hearts for dinner.

So far her she likes it and her #2 is good no issues with it.  I gave her egg with breakfast twice a week and added fish oil daily.

Honest kitchen is taking out alfalfa out of the formulas and with the preference formula they're adding green peas in it's place. With the other formula they're increasing the other ingredients a bit to make up the amount of alfalfa taken out..   Link to information about this.

In kibble side of things..

Bella will be on her second bag of farmina chicken & ancestral grains kibble. Chewy was out of stock so I went with Never ordered from them before, but they look good even has free shopping bag with purchase.

Prices are decent and do have coupons $10 for new customers. free shipping for certain states. Coarse Indiana isn't on it, but the shipping isn't too bad compared to one site I was checking.

The bag of kibble seems to last for very long time since I've been giving more fresh food. Stocked up on some ground beef as it was on good price and bought more chicken quarters. Bella still has plenty liver and kidneys so got some gizzards.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Hanging in the yard after eating chicken quarter
Haven't really updated the blog much sorry.. :\ Been bit crazy keeping lawn mowed, garden weeded and stuff. plus stupid groundhog found the entrance in the fence to the garden ate up my broccoli, cabbage, and one pea plant luckily the other pea plants are OK.

So far the broccoli is growing back and cabbage is doing so so it is growing back so might get something out of both.

I forgot the day it happened. We were on our morning walk in the field. Bella seemed excited about something following a scent on the trail by the pond. She ran off a little then came back and then ran off again and I saw the ground hog evil little critter.. Bella chased it into the high grass, but left it when I told her too. It whistled at us twice.

I didn't want Bella to pursue it in the high grass as It's pretty thick and hard to see what is going on.

Saya was keen on the noise it was making. I then continued on to the yard, there is a hole that is on the path been there and used by rabbits and stuff I saw some recent activity looked like someone been going in it and got to the garden to see that it had pushed into the entry way of the fence. I thought it was secure enough, but guess not. I now have heavy weights on it. So far no more break ins.

Taken from my phone.. Saya on duty..
Saya has been hanging by the shed a lot before this happened so she must smelled it in the area. Last time we had a groundhog issue it was under there.

So far it hasn't come back to the area I did see it in the second field few days later so maybe it's moved on to try the people close to there. I saw it running off in the trails. Bella was back in first field fooling around so she didn't see it. She did smell it when she got in the area she ran around in the trails and some in the woods to try find it, but she must lost it or lost interest.

Summer has been nice this year some days have been pretty hot and others good. Luckily we have been getting rain once in while so veggies are happy. Saya has been doing well eating good meals, walking, hanging in yard and looking for rodents and rabbits..

Bella has been on the farmina chicken and ancestral grain for while and she seems to be doing better then when she was on Totw. I think she has issue with potatoes as the grain line has no potatoes on ingredients while Totw does.

Bella used to rub her face on the floor daily like it itched badly. Now she only does it once in a blue moon.

I did offer her some cooked mashed potatoes as a small treat with her kibble and sure enough she was rubbing her face..

I haven't given her any cooked potatoes or kibble with it and so far no more rubbing.

I'm glad she is doing better on her new food. She is getting low so I ordered her a bag luckily chewy has it in stock now.

I also ordered a thing of honest kitchen beams to up $ for the free shipping. I saw the review of them on the blog I follow The House of Two Bows. Both Bella and Saya love chews like trachea, tendons, bully sticks and have had salmon skin chews before which they loved.

Will make post with my thoughts on the chews when they come.