Thursday, September 27, 2012

Made dog treats

I recently ran out of dog treats so Tuesday night I made some more.

I didn't put any cooked ground fruit or veggies this time.

I had cooked a 4oz boneless pork 4 2.24oz of liver some was beef some chicken, some chicken heart.

I then mixed 1 mackerel, 2 cans of tuna 4cans of sardines with the canning a large mixing bowl and added seven eggs to it. I probably overdid it on the eggs 4 probably been enough for what I did.

I then ground the cooked meat and mixed with the fish and eggs then cooked 4 bags of cooked turkey not sure how much it weighed probably 4 oz or so.

I used coconut oil to cook the meat can use any kind oil you prefer olive or whatever..

I also added table spoon of melted coconut oil to the mix too for extra flavor.

turkey cooked

pork and organs mixed with the caned fish and eggs
Once thawed and stuff I ground the turkey meat and then mixed with the fish, eggs, and meat mix.
Turkey meat and organs are all ground up and mixed.
I added a cup of oats and a cup of wheat flour can use any other kind of flour if need to. coconut flour is one I plan to try next time I run out of the treats..

I also put 1 clove of crushed garlic in it it's optional though

Here's what they look like when done this was from another time I made them, but they look same except no fruit or veggies in it.

I spread the mix on a greased cookie sheet I just used pam on it. and cook on 350F for 30 minutes then cut them into square shapes or whatever shape you want to make them.

cook for 5 more minutes and then should be done..

Here's the original recipe I found online..
2 small tins tuna in water OR 1 large can salmon in
2 eggs
1 tsp garlic powder (optional)
1.5 cups flour (all purpose, whole wheat, and oat all
work well)

Put fish (with canning water), eggs, and garlic in a
blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into bowl and add
flour, mix well. Press into a greased 9x9 baking dish
and bake at 350F for half hour. Half way through baking,
 cut into squares and continue baking. When done, allow
to cool, remove from pan and break into pre cut squares.
Store in the fridge in an airtight container.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saya got a chicken quarter Sunday

I gave Saya a chicken quarter Sunday and got video of it. took it with my 3ds so it only recorded so much so it's in three parts.

part one 3:40 minutes

Part two 2:56 minutes

part three 0:49..

I haven't been feeding chicken too much which I really need to get some Saya does like it.

Being such big meal she got a small meal on Monday.

Turns out the farmer I'm getting chicken feet from forgot to email me to let me know she has enough so I sent email asking if she had them and she forgot.

Anyways I'll be picking them up this Saturday so Saya should be happy to get chicken feet again. I'm going to have her save turkey feet too.

Sadly she can't save the heads due to regulations and junk which is too bad. :\

Ah well chicken feet and turkey feet is nice thing either way. Turkey feet are really big probably too much bone for Saya, but make a nice treat for Bella and Saya can have some too one foot probably last her whole week I never seen turkey foot in person so not sure how big it is.

I also found a source of bone in goat for decent price about same price as lamb not bad, but bit more then usual items. I got 4lbs of it and good thing it's already individually frozen so I can take a bit out.

I'm getting a lot of chicken feet so freezing them individually will be fun!  I've been saving the bags from our bread for the turkey feet in case their bigger then normal ziplocks..
Chicken feet yummy!
I plan get more chicken and turkey feet at October since she stops selling stuff at end of October need enough to last winter and some spring..

I also need get some more kidneys and liver too since farmer market ends sometime after fall forgot when..

I really need my own freezer right now I share with my parent's, but even though mom recently gave me the bigger part of the chest freeze I somehow managed to fill it up.

Right now I'm mainly just looking for good deal on one or good one from craigslist.

If I had my own freeze then Bella could have raw more often since I can make a Saya and Bella area so I can find both dog's food easily without taking one or the other..

For now my parent's freeze is fine.. Once I get room I hope to get some beef scrap from the meat processor or order from hare today. then get some blue ridge beef tripe..

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Recall videos and mole digging..

Videos are taken from my 3ds so not greatest quality video better then nothing since I don't really have video camera.
First video she was in the side of the house as usual walking around the brush..

Second come video.. As you can see the backyard is nice size. no fence too. 

This is the area where wild cottontail rabbits hang out. none were there so I recalled her.

We checked the garden for anything and I saw mole evidence.. :( I told her to dig for them so she did.

She didn't found any though. Saya does love digging for them though.

This video is my favorite one she turned very quickly to come. :)

Last video

Yesterday she did a mini shiba 500 outside crazy! Wish I had 3ds with me at that time. She did came when I called her then I told her to go and have fun. hehe

Shiba inu as a breed isn't good breed for off leash work due to their prey drive, independence, and stubbornness.

I dunno why Saya does good maybe growing up with Bella helped since Bella was good influence on her and did good off leash.
Maybe it's being in the country and having good bit of land to practice on or she is good personality for it. I dunno.

I use fish fudge, dehydrated chicken hearts, string cheese or dehydrated fish and once in while hot dog bits for her recall treat.

Fish fudge is yummy to dogs I did add bit more fish then what recipe says.. I do a mix of caned mackerel, salmon and sardines I also add things like sweet potatoes, pumpkin or cooked ground liver, cooked ground turkey meat or just the fish..

It's bit squishier then a dog biscuit. I had cook it bit more with the extra fish or if I add meat or liver to it..
Here's the recipe

2 small tins tuna in water OR 1 large can salmon in
2 eggs
1 tsp garlic powder (optional)
1.5 cups flour (all purpose, whole wheat, and oat all
work well)

Put fish (with canning water), eggs, and garlic in a
blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into bowl and add
flour, mix well. Press into a greased 9x9 baking dish
and bake at 350F for half hour. Half way through baking,
 cut into squares and continue baking. When done, allow
to cool, remove from pan and break into pre cut squares.
Store in the fridge in an airtight container.

If you add anything like sweet potatoes or pumpkin or meat add extra flour or oats.

I did flour and oats..

Monday, September 17, 2012

ID tags came!

Bella and Saya's ID tags came today! I liked the shipping speed ordered them Friday 14 and got them Monday 17.

I got Saya a size medium and Bella Large they fit on their collars good.
I went back and forth between different neat looking id tags off of some the id tags looked very nice and neat. So hard to choose, but I worried if they'd be durable..

A lot of etsy ones cost $20 or so..

The boomerang collar tags are only $10.20 or 10.99 for the ones for thicker collars and 9.20 for cat collars..

The price includes shipping too which is nice also got a discount for getting two id tags $1.02 off of it so it cost $19.38 instead of $20.40.
They have a type of guarantee too which is nice.

We guarantee your satisfaction with a Boomerang Tag. If you are not happy with a tag you receive from us, for any reason, merely include a brief description of the reason and return it for a complete refund. In almost all cases, if a tag you receive from us breaks, or the lettering wears off, we will replace the tag free of charge. A replacement tag may only be exactly the same as the original tag, with the same text engraving. Changes are not allowed (e.g., to pet name, phone number, or address) on a warranty replacement tag. Click here for the full terms.

I like the quality so far we'll see how it does in two years or so.

If it lasts probably only reason I'd need to order another one if I got another dog or moved to have new address on it.
Closer up of the ID on the collar. I painted Saya on it with my PC so it doesn't have any cute shiba decor on the tag..

It is easy to put on, but I didn't try take it off probably hard to take it off from the looks, but if need be I'm sure I can manage to get the ID tag off, but I don't see much reason to remove it.

Which is good since it won't fall off on it's own if it's nice and secure like that.

The site also sells the normal tags you put on the collar so if the dangling kind you want they have it too.

They also have human dog tags for things like medical needs or whatever..

Monday, September 10, 2012

ID tags

I'm getting ID tags soon one for Saya and one for Bella.

Bella has kind that attaches to collar sadly it was cheap one and painted on so now is fading..

I never gotten Saya one. I really wished I gotten one sooner it's important for dogs to have ID tags..
Especially if dogs are going to be off leash and stuff..

I'm lucky Saya is such a well behaved shiba and she is good about coming back or listening and not chasing rabbits if I tell her not to.

I'm getting these boomerang tags they seem pretty good and guarantee they won't fall off or fade which is good. 10.20 for the tag is good deal too! They also sell collars that come with the id tags too.

I'll definitely feel bit better with her wearing the ID tag with my name, address and phone number.
I'm also thinking having her bright bandana embroidered with her name and my phone number on it too just for extra ID maybe not thought it'd be another nice option for it.

The tags being on the collar is nice so tags don't jungle too much and don't come off in the woods. Though Saya has gone hiking in my woods on leash and off Bella too and so far they haven't lost any tags.. ah well.

I'll probably be ordering this soon can't wait to review them hope they fit right.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Posing Saya

Not much to post I got Saya and Bella some yummy Canadian goose and dove my dad got it actually someone he knows hunt them.. Guess he doesn't eat them because he gives us tons..

I plan to try dove see how it taste there is plenty for everyone.. lol Saya and Bella should be happy.

One good thing to report while doing chores outside we were out for atleast 3hours maybe less or more I didn't keep track.

Saya did her usual look for rabbits and Bella ran around and had fun. Before mom went inside with Bella Saya got excited and went play with Bella who was running around.

It was nice seeing her happy running after Bella. For while she was being snarky with Bella ever since we got them back from boarding.

I'm glad Saya is not fully recovered from the boarding.

I'm so glad Saya is so well behaved and can be outside with me she behaves so well.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

30% off on superflex elk velvet supplement

I thought I'd let people know Natraflex is having 30% off on orders. Enter first on the coupon area it'll take 30% off not bad. Works with people or pet kind I believe.

I order one and kinda wished I ordered two of them since 30% off is good deal. ah well.
I'm not sure if it really helps with Saya's joints hard to tell. I figure they wouldn't hurt to try as a preventive..

She will eat them willingly now so no need to hide them in things all the time which is good.