Saturday, September 1, 2012

30% off on superflex elk velvet supplement

I thought I'd let people know Natraflex is having 30% off on orders. Enter first on the coupon area it'll take 30% off not bad. Works with people or pet kind I believe.

I order one and kinda wished I ordered two of them since 30% off is good deal. ah well.
I'm not sure if it really helps with Saya's joints hard to tell. I figure they wouldn't hurt to try as a preventive..

She will eat them willingly now so no need to hide them in things all the time which is good.


  1. Interesting. I have to do a price check to see how this compares to Wapiti Labs, which we've been trying since we got some with our Pawalla box. I've been exploring various joint supplements for Bowdu and need to do some more research. Cost is an issue for us, especially if this is something that we'll keep up in the long run.

  2. Normal price is $59.99

    for auto ship it's $54.99

    Saya gets two a day on it..

    I dunno if it's helping or not though. Her legs do seem good they don't twitch so much when I message her legs.

    Wapiti Labs seems cheaper at $49.99 + the $6.99 shipping.

    I hear ya on cost.

    Brad on Nihonken forums reccomended the superflex stuff for dogs so I thought I'd try it first time I learned about elk velvet antler being good for joints..

    I'm not sure if it works like I said.

    I need contact the farmer see if she has enough chicken feet.. I'm all out. I hope to stock up in October so it'll last all winter.

  3. Hi you responded to me on dogster. Thought I would follow your blog.