Friday, October 24, 2014

Bella back on wellnessc core ocean

Bella was on farmina Chicken & ancestral grains for good bit. I thought she did fine with it, but itching came back. She used to itch a lot on Taste of the wild kibble so I tried farmina to see if it helped any.

She stopped for bit, but started back, but not as bad as when she was on Totw.

I decided to try her back onto wellness core ocean. I bought it off because local store had it bit too pricey $71 vs $59.

So far the itching has gone way down and she barely gets itchy at all.. I'm thinking it's due to the chicken in the kibble or something else that was in Totw and farmina. Going to check both formula ingredients to see if they have common one in it.

Bella doesn't seem bothered by raw chicken which is good since I can get bone in chicken for decent price.

I also bought a 15lb bag of acana pacifica to try to see how she does on it. She's had a sample of the orijen regional red which had enough for two days of food. she did good on it despite no transition to it.

I figure acana would be better since it is not as rich compared to orijen. I might try the ranchlands later since it doesn't have chicken in it to see how she does on it.

Acana kibble top and wellness core ocean bottom

Now that I got plenty of raw stuff in the freeze I've been giving it as kibble topper and she's been getting raw as dinner instead of kibble more often too.

She really likes the food I got for her and she seems do well with the meat too.

I plan to order a box of the honest kitchen base mix hale to give it a try. Might make good option for when Saya gets boarded next summer.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Second mpc order

excited for a walk
Ordered from my pet carnivore a second time.. I got four 3lb beef snout, three 2lb of ground beef tripe with gullet & trachea, two 2lb pork heart chunks and two 2lb pork tongue chunks.

I have both dogs stuff portioned out and frozen except for the tripe. I still have couple of the tripe supermix so once that is all gone I'll sort out the tripe with gullet and trachea. Each get three lbs of it.

Everything together!
The beef snout was something different I fed tripe, hearts, tongue before..

The snout is chewy I cut a few to gradually get Bella used to it. Luckily most of the pieces were still frozen some except for couple.  I definitely recommend cutting this type of thing semi frozen much easier to handle.

Watching as I prep it.
I've fed both dogs the heart, tongue and beef snout and both like it and have no issues. Saya had pork heart and tongue before from the farmer's market and Bella is bit new so she gotten it in smaller pieces for now. I'll increase it soon.

Coarse they love the tripe. I got the gullet and trachea ones instead of the supermix.

Freeze is now pretty much fully only has little bit of room in the dog treat and misc stuff baskets.

Crazy looking stuff..

 The pork heart chunks and pork tongue chunks are pretty nice.. No need to cut up like beef heart since it's already cut up and whole one is not huge like beef too.

the hearts and tongue looked good no bad smells and dogs love the ones I gave them.

Yummy dog's dinner

Bella first time trying pork tongue. She had beef tongue before and gets boneless pork and pork ribs too.

I also have some scoops of the beef tripe supermix and little bit of honest kitchen preference too.

duck neck and bit of bonless chicken
Saya got beef tripe supermix with bit of HK preference, joint supplement and fish oil for breakfast and duck neck and bit of boneless chicken. She ate the chicken and half of the neck. I plan to give rest of  the neck later on.

I'm happy with the second order. Coarse since freeze is full I'll be holding off on ordering till there is room.

Posting this in case anyone plan to order from there soon. MPC is having payment changes beginning November first. here's the full info here.
We want to give everyone plenty of advance notice. Beginning November 1, we will no longer be accepting payment at delivery for orders. This includes all orders that are picked up at our warehouse, home delivery and route delivery. Orders placed for UPS shipping have always required advance payment. Now, we are making advance payment the only option for all methods of delivery. 

There are several reasons for the change. We are trying to streamline operations to serve you, our valued customers, better. Although we have found fellow raw-feeders to be thoughtful and integral, there have been occasional issues with returned checks and having to track down payments. We also take into great consideration our drivers' safety.
Thank you for your continued patronage and your understanding with this change.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Portioned out the organs from MPC

Yesterday I portioned out Bella's beef, goat spleen and beef pancreas. It was ground up so had to work bit differently compared to whole organ.. I decided to just freeze the portions in containers instead of putting it in ziplock bags as it was too messy to do it that way..

I know some freeze ground organs on cookie sheet or something, but I didn't feel like doing that. Might try that method next time, but so far this looks like OK option..

I mixed the beef pancreas, goat and beef spleen together.. I figured it would be fine long I introduce the mix slowly.

Yesterday Bella got tiny bit of it with her food with her beef tripe supermix, kibble, and a chicken foot. yummy stuff..

Here's how the stuff looks portioned out.. this is weeks worth of it. I plan to introduce it slowly so I'll give it to her little bit each day along with her usual food. Either with her kibble meal, or with her raw meals..

She really liked what she got with her kibble which is good. I plan to do Saya's portion today.

Bella doesn't seem to have issue with having some raw with her kibble. I try to give her a full raw meal two to four times week as dinner and sometimes more if possible, but sometimes something comes up..

Next time I go to the grocery I plan to restock up on some chicken quarters, breasts and some ground meat then she'll be able to get raw for dinner much more often..

I'm pleased with the organs looks good and dogs love them. I'll definitely get more spleen and pancreas when low. for now the 3lbs of other organ should last good bit of time. I just need get some more bone in chicken, boneless meat, some beef and lamb kidneys and some more liver.  I'll be set for good bit.

Plan to order from MPC again.