Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Low posting for this month

As you probably notice blog hasn't been updated too much. Lot of life stuff getting in way.

Grandpa getting worse after surgery. :\ He's diabetic and has some of his toe taken off. That went well except for the thing he pulled out of himself which made him go back to the hospital. I forgot what it was called. He was so confused.

He is to point where he doesn't remember his daughter/my mom.. :\

This morning he is a bit mad and being hard to handle.

Mom had go on errands so she went to see if she could help calm him down.

Saya turned four Yesterday. She got a nice walk and ate rabbit yummy. She also had fun greeting a guest that came by.

The surgery has been done so can't do much about it, but I think it would been best to not have done it. His quality of life has went way down recently. It's sad.

Previous surgery he was confused for couple days and recovered back to normal mental state, but it's been while and he is way worse so his Alzheimer must took turn for the worst.

Anyways I hope he gets better mentally, but I don't think he will it'll take a miracle if he gets better.

I'll try post more soon. I'm hoping to buy honest kitchen zeal soon so I'll post my thoughts on it when it comes.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cost of things March 2013

                     Cost of things of March 2013
  • FOOD: $12.61
  • TREATS: $0
TOTAL: $12.61

Food:Bought two packs of turkey wings that were on a decent sale and beef ribs.

I'm not fan of heavy bones, but Saya is good about just getting the meat off so I got it and it was on sale.

$5.83 for beef ribs, $6.78 for the wings each pack had three wings in it. I cut the wing tip off and froze it individually. also cut ribs apart and froze individually.

Treats:Still have some home made treats and mom bought dog treats so didn't cost anything for me
Accessories: No toys or accessories yet

Vet/Meds: No vet visit this month. April she is going so we'll see how much it costs.. Need get heartguard and going to try frontline to see if it works on ticks this time and doesn't make her loose outer coat like advantix 2 did..

I'd love to walk her in field during spring and summer, but ticks are bad in the field. Too numerous and she is so thick coated it is impossible to be 100% on finding them all.. :(

I see people do this a lot so I'll try to keep better track.
I've been enjoying the warmer weather, but rain is making it hard to walk or do yard work.. :\ Need to weed the flower and veggie gardens.