Friday, September 30, 2011

No dog doors for me.

This is one reason I don't ever want to have a dog door in my house. haha

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wolfdog stud ad
I have a wolf dog up for studding. hes a nice boy. hes proven. hes timber wolf and chow. hes lines come from debbies dream in harrah, ok. Hes throws the most beautiful puppies. they are more on the fluffier side due to the chow which makes them even cuter. our last litter sold before they were born. for more info please feel free to contact me. we do charge a stud fee.

I go to a wolf dog forum I don't think I'll ever own one, but I like looking at the pictures of them and learning about their behavior.. Well The famous owner on dogster is also on this wolf dog forum.

Many times people have told her that her dog looks more like a Chow/GSD or Chow/Akita mix not wolf dog and they've said many times to not breed him anymore. >.<

Coarse she still has stud service going on still breeding shiba inu.

Sorry just because your dog supposivly acts wolfish doesn't make it a wolf dog plenty of husky, malamutes, and other spitz breeds have similar behavior.

Saya loves to dig on blankets, dirt, sand and fleece jacket
I mean even if the dog had some minimal wolf in him it's not enough to even call him low content wolf dog. Sadly some people probably believe this person I mean look at the multiple husky or husky mix pups being sold as wolfdogs..

Sadly you can't change everyone or fix the issues in the world.

There's so many lies and deceit with this person it makes me crazy.

I was hoping directing this person to a wolf dog forum so she can post pictures and get it from wolf dog owner she might believe them, but nope she still thinks it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saya and Bella got some Goose to eat!

Saya at top of stairs waiting for her next orders
Well my dad got some free goose boneless breast meat, one whole goose not whole as in organs, head and feathers more like rotisserie style..

He also got a small quail or some type of pheasant or something.

I divided it all up so Saya gets 28oz of it and Bella gets 35oz of it all.  I might give Bella a bit more of Saya's share since Saya always get raw anyways..

Bella gets the breast part of the goose, some boneless goose meat, the quail which I put a piece of boneless goose in it.

Saya got the goose's back and it had a little of it's neck too and she gets some boneless meat.

The goose is Canada goose his boss hunts and gave it to my dad for free. Which is nice.

The goose should last Saya for 5 or 7days and Bella 4 or 5 days. I plan to stretch it out and feed other things like heart, tongue, ground beef and bone in pork for Bella and Saya she'll get it once a week or every so often.

Dad made gumbo with it he had some gumbo sausage from last time we went to Louisiana he also put some pork sausage in it. Too bad our local butcher doesn't make good sausage. >.<
Dad plans to hunt a deer this year so I might have to buy Saya her own chest freezer because no weigh we can fit all the meat in the freezer we have now with all of Saya's food taking up room..

I'd list to get a chest freezer or upright not sure yet, but this Haier LW185G looks like a nice chest freezer and very good for organizing things.

If he gets a deer I hope he can get me the whatever he can't use. I'd like the lungs, trachea, ribs, and liver, heart and whatever that is good..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saya and her squirrel

Happy Saya
Last Saturday me and mom went to the Feast of the Hunter's Moon.

I had a good time and I got Saya a squirrel and a long string of leather for Saya to play with.

I plan to tie the leather string on the squirrel and use it for her to play with as a flirt pole toy.

Also to work on leave it with her being so excited over it.

Saya jumping for the squirrel
Saya rarely jumps with this much excitement she usually only jumps to jump over agility hurdle, over fallen trees, or jump on couches.

She really liked the smell of the squirrel too. I did some pictures of it around her neck like people do with minks.. She left it when I said leave it and she posed well.

I'm going to bite it!
I let her have fun with it for a bit and since she likes to fetch different items I tried it to see if she would fetch the squirrel and bring it to me.

Playing with it for a bit
Bring it Saya!
Saya picks it up
Saya brought the squirrel right to me!
She was cute bringing the squirrel to me too bad my camera that takes video is broken it'd been nice thing to have recorded.. I'll have to work with her fetching it I think it'd be fun to do.

Saya looks cute!
Sorry if the picture is a bit creepy. I'm not a fan of the pelts of coyotes, fox or otter..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saya ate quail and tons of books to read

Saya looks nice outside
Today was a good day I didn't get much done choir wise I guess today was my day off being my parent's maid..

I read one of the books I got from bad dog frida.

325pages paperback 384 pages hardcover
The book I'm reading now is about herbs for pets looks worthwhile to read I only read up to 23 or 25 page it looks good so far.

Goes a bit over on how to use herbs in different ways some talk on nutrition and has info on different herbs.

Here's the link to the book the one I got was hardcopy, but I got it 20% off on the store sale so not bad the paper back might be nicer I like the hardcoppy Saya likes use it as a head rest.
Herbs for pets book

Saya focused on her quail
I enjoy the book so far it's a lot of pages I plan to read a bit of it each day and hopefully I can learn something from it.

I'm really interested in canine nutrition and learning different things on it herbs is interesting and can be used for different things.

Here's all the books I got to read

I really got a lot of books the 20% off sale was really nice so it was a bit less. Still cost a lot, but I haven't been reading much and I needed to pick up some dog books and I thought these be useful for me.

I plan to post full review on the herb book when I finish reading it. So big! I'll have to read it twice to soak in the info. hehe

It's a lot to take in I don't know much on tincture etc. or anything related to herbs for health use.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Saya met Rusty again in his crate
Saya met a two New guinea singing dogs!

She first met Rusty got bit snarky with him, so after he peed and stretched a bit he was put in the crate and Saya met him in the crate more and got to smell him more.
Second time they met she did better and even tried to get Rusty to play.

I'm so glad to meet singers in person I got to see more how their personality is like. One was very shy, the female I met was friendly she was from the Hammond rescue and she really liked my mom.

I'll upload the pictures of the three singers tomorrow.
Saya meeting Rusty a second time she was nicer this time. :3
 I'm so proud of how well Saya did with them she did get bit snarky, but when I told her Saya, Come! She stopped fussing and walked a bit to me and didn't get worried about the male singer the first one she met.

She tried to initiate play with the male singer, but she was a bit shy with Saya and didn't want to rough house.

Whinchester the male we met was a bit shy with me too, but that was fine.

Her first meeting Rusty she got a bit snarky at first she did good, but then she got a bit uncomfy I guess. Once Rusty pottied and stuff he was put in his crate while one female got out to potty she was one of the Hammond rescues and she was much friendlier. I got to pet her and then I took Saya to meet Rusty again through the crate.

The female really loved my mom she warmed up quick to her and she never got that friendly to strangers before it was so cute.

Saya met Rusty and she was much calmer with meeting through the crate Rusty was happy Saya was around and was quiet when Saya was near if I walked away a bit he'd make tons of noises. lol
Saya did much better with meeting Rusty for the second time she tried to get him to play by play bowing and making her shiba noises! He wasn't into playing though and it was time for them to go because it was getting late and the singers was making lots noises.

I hope they have a safe trip.

New guinea singing dogs

Today I might get a chance to meet three singers up close and in person! Someone I know from a NGSD group is going through Lafayette Indiana so he let me know and I hope to meet him.

I love primitive type dogs like the shiba inu, Jindo, kai ken, and even the dingo and New Guinea Singers.

I'd love to have a rescued Singer one day once I have my own house and a good fenced yard. Which will be long time in my future.

I still need to get my driver's license and a job. So sad at my age I don't have a license.

Ah well I plan to get it this year and get a job somewhere I'm hoping at the dog house a dog boarding/daycare/grooming place. I really love the workers and it'd be nice to work with dogs..

Buckles would be nice place to work at too they're bit furthur from my house though so might be too much on gas to be doing everyday. Wished we still lived close to that pet store we were close enough to walk there.

They'd allow me to bring Saya to work with me which would be awesome since Saya is pretty well behaved and loves new people.

I plan to take some pictures and I'll post some on her and my experiences with the dogs.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saya's Tasmanian devil noises or monkey noises either way.. lol

This is a video of Saya making Tasmanian devil noises or monkey noises either way.. lol

She does make noise with Bella, but she makes most noises when she plays with me she really enjoys going after my fleece glove..

Saya is pretty quiet she only barks if she wants Bella to play and Bella is being too lazy to play or she does warning barks if she sees something off in the yard or yodels when she is happy or does friendly growls.

She also makes these crazy noises when she wrestles and plays with me. lol

Saturday, September 3, 2011

post coming soon

Saya all tucked in bed
I've been kinda not into posting right now been mowing the lawn, weeding, watering the plants, and raking grass. I got to go in the field and cute the brambles too they're over growing on some of the trails.

This heat has been nuts too.

I hope to get some better posts up soon maybe one on raw.

I wouldn't mind doing a review on my hare today order and my pet carnivore once I get stuff from them they're only a hour or two away from me I think..

Saya's side of the chest freezer is so full with meat, organs, and bone in meals so ordering from MPC will have to wait. I need to get my own freezer though I'll just fill mine up and then use some of my parents.. lol