Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saya ate quail and tons of books to read

Saya looks nice outside
Today was a good day I didn't get much done choir wise I guess today was my day off being my parent's maid..

I read one of the books I got from bad dog frida.

325pages paperback 384 pages hardcover
The book I'm reading now is about herbs for pets looks worthwhile to read I only read up to 23 or 25 page it looks good so far.

Goes a bit over on how to use herbs in different ways some talk on nutrition and has info on different herbs.

Here's the link to the book the one I got was hardcopy, but I got it 20% off on the store sale so not bad the paper back might be nicer I like the hardcoppy Saya likes use it as a head rest.
Herbs for pets book

Saya focused on her quail
I enjoy the book so far it's a lot of pages I plan to read a bit of it each day and hopefully I can learn something from it.

I'm really interested in canine nutrition and learning different things on it herbs is interesting and can be used for different things.

Here's all the books I got to read

I really got a lot of books the 20% off sale was really nice so it was a bit less. Still cost a lot, but I haven't been reading much and I needed to pick up some dog books and I thought these be useful for me.

I plan to post full review on the herb book when I finish reading it. So big! I'll have to read it twice to soak in the info. hehe

It's a lot to take in I don't know much on tincture etc. or anything related to herbs for health use.


  1. Someone went on a Patricia McConnell binge. ;) "One of these books is not like the other..." *laugh*