Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saya and Bella got some Goose to eat!

Saya at top of stairs waiting for her next orders
Well my dad got some free goose boneless breast meat, one whole goose not whole as in organs, head and feathers more like rotisserie style..

He also got a small quail or some type of pheasant or something.

I divided it all up so Saya gets 28oz of it and Bella gets 35oz of it all.  I might give Bella a bit more of Saya's share since Saya always get raw anyways..

Bella gets the breast part of the goose, some boneless goose meat, the quail which I put a piece of boneless goose in it.

Saya got the goose's back and it had a little of it's neck too and she gets some boneless meat.

The goose is Canada goose his boss hunts and gave it to my dad for free. Which is nice.

The goose should last Saya for 5 or 7days and Bella 4 or 5 days. I plan to stretch it out and feed other things like heart, tongue, ground beef and bone in pork for Bella and Saya she'll get it once a week or every so often.

Dad made gumbo with it he had some gumbo sausage from last time we went to Louisiana he also put some pork sausage in it. Too bad our local butcher doesn't make good sausage. >.<
Dad plans to hunt a deer this year so I might have to buy Saya her own chest freezer because no weigh we can fit all the meat in the freezer we have now with all of Saya's food taking up room..

I'd list to get a chest freezer or upright not sure yet, but this Haier LW185G looks like a nice chest freezer and very good for organizing things.

If he gets a deer I hope he can get me the whatever he can't use. I'd like the lungs, trachea, ribs, and liver, heart and whatever that is good..

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