Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Home made wet dog food

Bella's portion of her kibble topper
Today I had some time to waste so I concocted home made wet dog food.. The picture above kinda looks like it maybe if I grounded the boiled egg more it would look more like it.

Both Bella and Saya loved it. I put in one can tuna no water, four cans of sardines the kind in water not mustard or oil I added it without the water too.

I boiled some carrots, broccoli, cabbage, roman lettuce, and apple and once done cooked bit of blue berries in it. I boiled three eggs and blended everything up then cooked it in a cup in the microwave and then blended again.

I also blended about 2oz or 3oz of cooked chicken and added that too.
Saya's portion
The mix also had one egg in it all and I then added one egg to each container so I guess they each got one and half egg or so in the mix.  Both have some coconut flakes unsweatened kind and natural or whatever no chemicals.

Bella will get this as kibble topper or along with her raw dinner as add on. Saya will get it as a snack in am or pm.

Saya got her's today I mixed it with a bit of warm water shredded unsweatened coconut, and cranimal vibe also added vitamin E.
Left is Saya's and left is Bella's

I'm thinking of trying some other things with the recipe to make it more yummy.

I'm thinking of adding some cooked grounded beef, liver, and heart with it maybe some tongue too.

Cooked grounded sweet potatoes and cooked grounded pumpkin should be good addition to it too.

I think This is a good kibble topper and easy to make bit smelly with sardines and coarse with liver if you were to add tiny bit.

Dogs should love it though. If you add bit of cooked liver in it be sure to give the dog tiny bit of the kibble topper don't go overboard since liver is rich so might cause loose poop to a dog that's not used to it especially if you add heart too.

I thought I'd post this since I did it today and you can make it however you want caned salmon instead of tuna or no fish at all just chicken, beef, pork, or lamb whatever your dog likes. Can always tweak it if your dog is allergic to something.

Don't need to add veggies either I did it because they were going to go bad if we didn't use them up and we only needed so much so I just cooked the rest we didn't use for the dogs.

Can add different veggies too just be sure they're OK for dogs to eat.

Same for fruit not needed, but Saya and Bella loves apples and blueberries. They also like mango, pears, raspberries etc. Be sure the fruit is OK too and don't make it the main ingredient fruit has sugar so I only add little bit just to give it a bit of a taste. No seeds they are not good for dogs.

Saya really enjoyed it and Bella will get her's soon she really was interested in it so I'm sure she'll love it.

Bella and Saya my taste testers and hiking companions
Sorry that my blog is never well written I did good in English class, but I just could never remember everything too well. I need get me some books and improve on it. haha

Saya's snack
Above picture is of Saya's snack it has shredded unsweatened coconut kind with no chemicals, cranimal vibe, and the wet dog food mix plus some warm water and vitamin E. Saya ate it all up.

She also gets a whole quail this evening so she should be happy today it's her favorite meal.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

                                           **HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!**

Well Happy New Year! Sorry haven't posted much up, been a bit hectic with some sudden events changing things up..

sketch I did while surfing internet
Mask I made out of paper mache when I lived in Louisiana

My list things to do in 2012 is simple and hard too.

Save enough money for a car, get a job, save more money to pay said car off and save for an

Sorry my New year post was rather dull and stuff my next post will be my review of the ziwipeak dog food.