Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial day

Today my mom was off work thanks to the memorial day and we had a nice time.

We worked hard today and we worked hard yesterday too.

My mom mowed the lawn yesterday, but got called into work so I finished it and did our trails too.

Saya looking at the girl wanting a treat

Today we finished raking the lawn cut some branches and put it on the burn pile. We had the dogs out with us for a bit then let them inside when it got too hot for them.

we planted our tomatoes, chives, green peppers, and something else I think, but forgot. I hope the plants we bought grows well.

Our pears, peaches, and apples are getting their fruits which is nice.

After planting we got cleaned up and got some chik-fil-a and went to the park with the dogs we ate at one of the benches and after that had a nice walk and then got snow balls.

The dogs are so tired after our big day. which is great since a tired dog is a happy dog.

Saya ate the rest of her lamb neck, she gnawed on the bone a bit and ate all the meat and some of the marrow I had to help her get the rest and she also had a little beef tongue and before bed she gets 1oz of raw green tripe her favorite.

This evening we sat out on the back porch and Saya spotted a deer she just looked at it I at first wasn't too sure what she was looking at till I saw it.

The deer eventually walked back into the forest and I saw a on the floor drool from Saya..

I wonder what she was thinking? She has eating deer steaks, roasts, loins, and ground deer before so maybe she saw lunch or maybe she was nervous or excited. either way she liked looking at the deer.

Right now she is staring out of the downstairs door window looking at the frogs and bugs out there. She really loves watching the animals outside sometimes she sees bunnies, frogs, bugs, and even opossums too!
Today was a hot day, but it was pretty nice day too we had a nice breeze going at least.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update on Dink and wet daysII

I love this picture Dink looks like a boar kinda.
This week has been pretty rainy some tornado warnings in my area luckily nothing bad just hard rain and some wind.

We moved Dink downstairs in cause of tornado and we are probably going to keep her there.

I got two big blankets laid out for her and her dog bed she seems to be fine with it and lays on her bed or on the blanket.

She seems to get outside from the basement with no issue. She has a big sore on one of her back foot on one of her paw pads.

Mom keeps treating it and bandaging it up, but Dink rips it off and returns to chewing on the toe. We plan to try an E collar thing so she can't reach it hopefully the petsmart will have the cones to put on her.
Dink left, Pearly middle, & Junior right
Seeing how Dink, Pearly and Junior has suffered in their late years is one of the main reasons my eyes opened and I did better research on dog health and nutrition.

I still don't know everything yet, but I'm getting there I learn new things each day and I love learning on ways to take best care of Saya.

Coarse their health issues were due to aging yes, but with better kibble from their puppyhood to old age they might have done bit better.

Who knows, but since Dink at age of 14 got much more energy from changing from beneful to Wellness core kibble then my guess Pearly and Junior might have done better too.
bella 8weeks old such an angel
We got Bella around January we switched her from purina puppy chow to wellness puppy food she did good on it, but later started to have loose poop I wanted to try a different puppy food, but my mom didn't want to upset her much, but she was already upset.

Anyways she had fecal tests few times and all clear, but once she switched to wellness core she had firmer poop maybe she was sensitive to the grains? I dunno.

When Saya came home she was on soup for the puppy's lover soul or something like that did fine on it, but she got switched to wellness puppy food and she did fine on that too firm poop and lots of energy.

Dink I believe has an allergy to cooked turkey because after switching to wellness core she was farting who knows could be from switching from bad kibble to good kibble, but I think it was due to allergy.

She would always fart when given cooked turkey meat as treats.

Once we got her and Bella switched to wellness core ocean the farting from Dink has stopped.

Saya got switched to wellness core ocean at late 6months or 7months and then I started giving her lamb ribs once or twice a week as a treat since the store had them for good price.

At 8 months I switched her to raw I started by buying a couple packs of drumsticks once that was gone I bought a couple packs of thighs then a bunch of pork when it was on sale for later on and then I got her chicken breasts and chicken gizzards for variety.

I found a nice health food store they sold ground bison, elk, and even ostrich! They also had free ranged chicken, grass fed red meat and organs.

I bought Saya a pack of ground bison and a lamb heart once that was gone I went back bought another lamb heart and two ground bison.

I have also bought two cornish hens from wallmart by then Saya is used to liver, kidney, and bison so I mixed her weekly liver and kidney with the ground bison and stuffed one of her cornish hens with the mix and fed it to her.

Took her a week to eat it all. The cornish hens I got were from tyson and they were a bit bigger compared to the small ones so that's why it took her so long.

I froze the second one and did the same thing another week. It was closest to a whole prey I could get for Saya at the time. lol

That's it for now I'll continue the rest on Saya's beginning's on raw.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lamb day and Dinks not doing as well

Saya at 9 weeks old she loved that fox toy

Not much to say. Weather's been pretty nice rains at night and sunny or cloudy during the day.

Saya has been doing great she wishes the weather was cooler, but she's getting used to it as she looses her winter coat she still has some on her legs and butt fluff.

Dink in the snow licking lips after getting a treat

Dink our 15 years old catahoula mix is well getting old she is showing it really well. White on her face not walking as well etc.

I'm so glad I found out about how bad some kibble can be we got her switched from beneful to wellness core two years ago and I've noticed tons of improvements in her since she went to better kibble.

Wellness core wasn't for her made her fart a ton I think it was the turkey in it since she always farted a lot with cooked turkey we tried core ocean and she stopped with farting and is doing great.

I noticed after being on wellness core she had more energy compared to when she was on beneful.

She would walk around more better beg for treats or to be petted and act like her younger self more.

On beneful she'd just lay there and only got up every so often either for dinner, to potty, or find new spot to lay in.

It's so sad we had our past dogs on that stuff wish I knew better much sooner. Ah well things happen and at least me and my mom know better now.

She is now slowing down even more she's been on joint pills, fish oil, and bladder pills since she has been old, but recently we had to put her on pain meds to help with the arthritis pain.

She got better with walking after that plus the warm weather helped too. Last winter was hard on her I don't think she'll last to the next one it'd be too much for her weak legs.

I've noticed she's not eating her kibble as well so I've been wetting it and added some ground fresh parsley and some probiotics.

I've read parsley is good for dogs so I thought it couldn't hurt for her to have it she seems to enjoy eating much more and the extra water and added probiotics in her food is probably good too.

I've also been giving her a rotation of yummy kibble toppers, caned dog food, cooked egg, liver, ground meats, and caned fish she loves it.

Saya two weeks old                                                    

Today I fed Saya 3oz ground lamb that had cut parsley, solid gold seameal, and fish oil mixed in she also got lamb ribs and lamb liver.

She really enjoyed her big meal. Tomorrow I'm going to fast her and the day after that she gets boneless pork she really loves pork.

I don't think I can ever feed my dog kibble as a meal ever again. I give kibble to Saya as a treat, but besides that she gets raw and it works great for her.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Saya enjoying one lamb rib

Today Saya and Bella went to the dog park we didn't stay to long since it was hot.

A lady lost her car keys so she had to get her husband to get her spare. We tried to look for it in the dog park, but had no luck hope she finds her keys.

We got stuff for our party on Saturday and when we got home I fed Saya.

She got a nice treat 3oz of ground lamb I mixed one egg in the ground lamb before portioning it then I portioned the meat into 3 oz patties added her solid gold sea meal in  each one, added some fish oil and added a teaspoon of fresh chopped parsley.

Parsley is something different I like the herb myself and I've read it's good for dogs too so I thought I'd give it a try.

Saya really liked it she sniffed it a lot at first then she gobbled it up.

I didn't get a picture of her eating it I'll have to do that next time so a picture of her eating a lamb rib will do for now.

There's a sale on ground turkey so I might get some to make some more meatballs mixed with egg, seameal and parsley.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

geaux Saya!

Well we are back from our Louisiana trip 16 to and 14 back drive.. wow!

My mom made last minute decision to let Saya come which was nice coarse had to pack her crate, some toys, treats, and coarse bring her raw meat..

Coarse I could've have just bought a pack of thighs ground beef to feed to her for the week, but I thought it'd be easier to bring it.

Plus I didn't have to pay for her food since she still has tons of ground goat mix, sheep mix, duck mix and tons of heart, tongue, and pork meat etc.

Saya did great on the trip down and up she mostly slept through the night and moved around a bit and in the morning she wanted to play some so I got her small tug toy to let her chew on it and she was happy.

We left Lafayette Indiana wednesday  11th 9pm and got to Lafayette Louisiana or Rayne Louisiana forgot what part their house is on thursday 12th around 1pm.

Once we got to Sarah's and Glenn's place we were happy we got unpacked and settled in and Saya acted so calm and acted like she has been in the place before.

We went for a nice walk around the pond and then around the crawfish pond after that we got some daiquiris and po boys.

I got 32oz. crawgator and my po boy was half and half shrimp and oyster. OMG it was yummy. We went to Olde Tyme Grocery for the po boys which we always do and they have great po boys and fries.

Saya ate one ground goat mix.

The next day we had fun and relaxed by Sarah's uncle's pool and Saya met her uncles dog Louie Saya and Louie got along good. Saya wanted to wrestle, but Louie just wanted to hang out Saya got the hint so she wasn't  too crazy.

I saw a nice sized water  water moccasin in the drainage ditch. Luckily we only saw it there and never had a issue with it when we walked by the pond and crawfish pond. I was highly alert since Saya does love going after snakes.

Friday we hanged by the pool walked Saya and did few things my brother Glenn got lots of crawfish and we had a nice crawfish boil had the usual potatoes, onions, garlic, corn on cob, okra, and even brussel sprouts. lol

He also had hot dogs, deer sausage, and chicken sausage in it too.

The party was small just me, mom, two brothers, dad, grandma, grandpa, my aunt, and Sarah my sister in law.

Saturday was my brother's graduation Saya got a good walk and we all went to the graduation minus Saya after that Saya got another walk and we went to Mike and Liz Sarah's mom and dad's for a nice big party.

There was brisket stuffed with green peppers and onions smoked on the grill, green bean casserole with bacon in it, cooked beans, wild Cajun rice, salad, garlic bread, jalapeno bread with sausage on it, and for desert red velvet cake with home made ice cream. Awesome party.

Sunday we made a breakfast casserole, finished de shelling the crawdish tails and put them in the freezer, got some meat, and sausage since people up north don't know how to stuff a chicken or make chicken sausage.. lol

Glenn gave us some deer sausage and ground deer.

I had hoped to buy the dogs some frog legs and aligator meat, but didn't happen. ah well maybe next time this trip went to quick.

Coarse since my dad left the garage opened for the cat some strange cat came over and thinks it lives here..

My mom wants to keep it, but I think we should take it to the no kill shelter or something. bad enough whiskers our own cat makes a mess of things pees in the garage, on things and poops everywhere we don't need another messy cat especially if it doesn't catch mice like whiskers doesn't do. >.<

I hope this one actually catches mice hate those pesky critters.

My dad's been rather annoying lately he's been cold in the nights and morning and putting the heat on. It's Spring! put a darn sweater on..

Maybe if he ate correctly instead of just eating veggies, cheese, crackers, peanut butter every day.. and exercised some.

I exercise and I get pretty warmed up after exercising..

He's been rather not nice to me, my mom, the dogs especially our 15 year old dog.. >.<

He says he's not leaving so most likely me, my mom, and the animals will have to move out which would be a pain in the rear to move all our stuff especially across the states..

Luckily my mom wants to stay in the area till her dad dies since he really needs help and the rest of her family don't care much for him like they should.

I just don't see things as working out my dad has been just horrible for the past years and it just not getting better even with him quitting smoking, drinking he's still pretty mean to me and my mom.

Makes mean jokes and always says we have nothing to eat in the house no meat etc.

Well who's fault is that we always ask what he wants and all he says is cheese, crackers, veggies, and peanut butter.

We make meals spaghetti meat balls, salad and chicken, steak, fish etc. and he never eats it so whatever jerk..

I'll be so happy when we finally go away from him he's just getting worse and worse treats me like I'm worthless even though I do ton of things to help out, keeps the house clean, exercise the dogs, work on the lawn etc.

I always feel scared when around my dad too and that's not a way to live I'm done with it..

I coarse can just move out and live my life, but I worry what would happen to Bella and my mom maybe if I was gone he'd show her his true self and she would finally leave him sooner.

My poor mom works herself to the ground and all he does is put her down and make her sad. I just hope it happens sooner then later..

Sorry for the off topic rant Hopefully things work out through the year I'll continue to work on getting my driver's license, volunteer at the wolf park, and maybe work part time at the dog grooming, boarding, and daycare place if things work out at the wolf park.

I've been listening to a learn Japanese CD and so far it's been great still on the first CD, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saya modeling with her life jacket
Well we won't be able to go to the Madison WI shiba picnic this August due to going to Louisiana for my brothers graduation. Prices of gas going up so this trip will be it till next year.

I'm sad we won't be going, but it's fine it'll be nice seeing my brother and his wife again.

This will be Saya's first time being boarded luckily the place is fine with feeding raw diet. I got ground goat/bone/organs and ground sheep/bone/organs and portioned it up for each day so it'll be easy for them to feed her.

We'll also be staying down in Louisiana less then what we originally intended which will be good since this will be Saya and Bella's first time being boarded. I hope it goes well times I've taken Saya there to ask questions she liked the workers she met.

I hope they don't get to stressed out over this too, but coarse dogs are tough. I wish I could bring Saya with me she's so well behaved and easy to exercise just a good few walks around the crayfish pond and she's done.

Maybe the next tripe to Louisiana I'll be able to bring Saya I think she'd love to walk in the parks there.