Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update on Dink and wet daysII

I love this picture Dink looks like a boar kinda.
This week has been pretty rainy some tornado warnings in my area luckily nothing bad just hard rain and some wind.

We moved Dink downstairs in cause of tornado and we are probably going to keep her there.

I got two big blankets laid out for her and her dog bed she seems to be fine with it and lays on her bed or on the blanket.

She seems to get outside from the basement with no issue. She has a big sore on one of her back foot on one of her paw pads.

Mom keeps treating it and bandaging it up, but Dink rips it off and returns to chewing on the toe. We plan to try an E collar thing so she can't reach it hopefully the petsmart will have the cones to put on her.
Dink left, Pearly middle, & Junior right
Seeing how Dink, Pearly and Junior has suffered in their late years is one of the main reasons my eyes opened and I did better research on dog health and nutrition.

I still don't know everything yet, but I'm getting there I learn new things each day and I love learning on ways to take best care of Saya.

Coarse their health issues were due to aging yes, but with better kibble from their puppyhood to old age they might have done bit better.

Who knows, but since Dink at age of 14 got much more energy from changing from beneful to Wellness core kibble then my guess Pearly and Junior might have done better too.
bella 8weeks old such an angel
We got Bella around January we switched her from purina puppy chow to wellness puppy food she did good on it, but later started to have loose poop I wanted to try a different puppy food, but my mom didn't want to upset her much, but she was already upset.

Anyways she had fecal tests few times and all clear, but once she switched to wellness core she had firmer poop maybe she was sensitive to the grains? I dunno.

When Saya came home she was on soup for the puppy's lover soul or something like that did fine on it, but she got switched to wellness puppy food and she did fine on that too firm poop and lots of energy.

Dink I believe has an allergy to cooked turkey because after switching to wellness core she was farting who knows could be from switching from bad kibble to good kibble, but I think it was due to allergy.

She would always fart when given cooked turkey meat as treats.

Once we got her and Bella switched to wellness core ocean the farting from Dink has stopped.

Saya got switched to wellness core ocean at late 6months or 7months and then I started giving her lamb ribs once or twice a week as a treat since the store had them for good price.

At 8 months I switched her to raw I started by buying a couple packs of drumsticks once that was gone I bought a couple packs of thighs then a bunch of pork when it was on sale for later on and then I got her chicken breasts and chicken gizzards for variety.

I found a nice health food store they sold ground bison, elk, and even ostrich! They also had free ranged chicken, grass fed red meat and organs.

I bought Saya a pack of ground bison and a lamb heart once that was gone I went back bought another lamb heart and two ground bison.

I have also bought two cornish hens from wallmart by then Saya is used to liver, kidney, and bison so I mixed her weekly liver and kidney with the ground bison and stuffed one of her cornish hens with the mix and fed it to her.

Took her a week to eat it all. The cornish hens I got were from tyson and they were a bit bigger compared to the small ones so that's why it took her so long.

I froze the second one and did the same thing another week. It was closest to a whole prey I could get for Saya at the time. lol

That's it for now I'll continue the rest on Saya's beginning's on raw.

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