Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saya modeling with her life jacket
Well we won't be able to go to the Madison WI shiba picnic this August due to going to Louisiana for my brothers graduation. Prices of gas going up so this trip will be it till next year.

I'm sad we won't be going, but it's fine it'll be nice seeing my brother and his wife again.

This will be Saya's first time being boarded luckily the place is fine with feeding raw diet. I got ground goat/bone/organs and ground sheep/bone/organs and portioned it up for each day so it'll be easy for them to feed her.

We'll also be staying down in Louisiana less then what we originally intended which will be good since this will be Saya and Bella's first time being boarded. I hope it goes well times I've taken Saya there to ask questions she liked the workers she met.

I hope they don't get to stressed out over this too, but coarse dogs are tough. I wish I could bring Saya with me she's so well behaved and easy to exercise just a good few walks around the crayfish pond and she's done.

Maybe the next tripe to Louisiana I'll be able to bring Saya I think she'd love to walk in the parks there.

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