Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Doggie casserole ,.

Finished dog casserole
Last Saturday we got tons of stuff from farmer's market so gotta make yummy dishes.

I decided to try make my own casserole type dish for us humans, but had some veggies leftover and instead making second for us so we have too much food to eat I decided to make dog version of it.

The human version tasted good Yummy.

finished human casserole
They're pretty much have similar ingredients, but some differences..

Here's general stuff I did to make it.

Brown rice cooked in beef broth instead of water then I lined the dish with the rice.
Then layered on top of rice cut up mushrooms.

Cooked garlic and olive oil for tiny bit then added the kohlrabi first, carrots, then green peppers.

Once veggies were almost done I added half cup or maybe more or less of beef broth let it boil for bit then I made layer of veggies then poured rest of the broth into the dish.

I then put rest of veggies into a bowl for the other thing I made.

I cooked the ground deer then put in the dish then put spinach, basil, parsley and some cheese on top. Cooked for 360 for 30minutes and it is done! The extra broth that was added from the veggies got absorbed by the rice.
For the dog version I cooked rice in water instead of beef broth then added veggies on top no mushrooms of coarse.

I put little bit of the ground deer on it, spinach, basil, and parsley.

I then cooked some organ meat to add to it. two small beef heart pieces and one ewe heart piece, beef liver and ewe liver, and one beef tongue. Yummy well to a dog at least.
Just added so still bit frozen on one side
I cooked the meat in coconut oil which usually helps keep smell of organs cooking down. hehe

Once done I let sit for a bit to cool then ground it up.

I added some oat meal on it evenly before adding the meat and then cooked covered with aluminum foil for 20minutes or 30.

Both dogs got a turn to clean the pan. hehe

I put the food in containers and froze two and kept one out. I plan to give as kibble topper for Bella and snack for Saya.
I doubt it's a full complete meal, but the dogs sure do love it. 

Today Saya got some of it with her chicken liver she went nuts over it.

Bella will get some today with half kibble, and tiny amount of casserole. tiny amount of honest kitchen love and a egg.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

25% off cranimal sale for july.

Boy it is hot time to rest in the shade

I saw this on their FB page. 25% off order good deal especially if thinking of trying this or need to stock up or something. Not sure when it ends my guess at end of July is the end of it since it's a July sale..

Hey all you Fanimals- these are the final days of our biggest ever summer sale, stock up and save - use coupon code:
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only at

they sell bully stick called cranivores..

I wanted to get some, but decided not to didn't want to buy too much already got two things of the big supplement container. I gotten the very berry one..

They also now have UTI test kits not sure if they work 100% or not as I never tried them or had issues with UTI yet.

I kinda wished I gotten the chews to try anyways. Ah well.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cost of things June

  • FOOD: $0
  • TREATS: $0
June is a light month we didn't get anything from store or no dog treats.

July is more productive month as we went to the farmer's market picked up things for humans and I got some grass fed organs..

Also ordered a case of caned dog food that was on sale it hasn't shipped yet so I'll probably write review on it. I never tried the brand before so we'll see ingredients looks good.

It has been really hot month too in 80F-90F crazy.

I'm mainly keeping the garden watered, watering the orchard is pain as it's far off. Can't wait to get a cart so I can take big things of water to the trees much easier.

Though taking two buckets of water at a time guess good weight exercise. haha

Me and my mom went to a pick blueberry type of thing and we got tons of blueberries and also a big thing of blueberry honey and costa rican coffee I think. Nothing like locally grown honey!

I have bit of delicate stomach when it comes to coffee normal store brands tend to give me a stomachache while coffee from this place, local coffee shop and community coffee doesn't mess up my stomach.. Maybe because it's processed better or something.

I do love coffee and it's probably for best I can't have grocery kind as I find the ones I get have a much better taste compared to the grocery or Starbucks kind.

Saya's doing well she's enjoying the summer, eating good, and getting daily exercise.

The fence around the garden really has helped a lot no more groundhog or rabbits destroying things.