Monday, December 16, 2013

Saturday adventure

Friday night it started to snow and eventually looked like this in the morning.

Me and Saya hanged outside Saya potty and messed around in the snow while I shoveled the drive way she came to check on me every once in a while and I played fine the kibble with her I tossed hand fulls of kibble in various spots in the snow and she found them and ate it.

After awhile she got a bit adventurous and headed to the woods. I was almost done shoveling the driveway. Once I finished that I did the basement porch and then headed to the woods to call for her to come inside for breakfast.
Saya was in the woods the wood area is a bit hilly and there is a small stream of water where it empties out to the wild cat creek..

Saya was done there hanging sniffing things. She came right away when I called her and we headed home.

She got chicken gizzards for breakfast.. We hanged inside for a bit then went on a nice walk.

Saya lagged behind for a bit so Bella and mom went on ahead. She finally caught up. :)

She used my path to make walking bit easier. Smart pup. She can run good in snow if she wants to.
Some animal trails in the snow..

Bella had fun in the snow she loves the snow and following animal tracks.

Another set of tracks. Bella followed them for bit and came back when we got too far from her.

Neighbor's goats they have two of them same coloration and size.. Cute things love to baa at us. Fence looks to be electric.. Saya saw the goats, but listened and stayed on trail.

Usually it is covered by tall grass, but snow weighed it down so the dogs can see the goats now they also have one pony..


Snow ball fight! Sadly she can't throw her own snow ball, but she enjoys catching it. :)

Two hanging in the backyard sniffing.

Saya likes to check this area not sure why maybe there is mice or raccoon or some type of smells.. The trash always is locked when a bag is in it so I doubt raccoons get into it. maybe they come by hoping I forget the lock.

The orange bucket is the compost. I fill it then once that is full I take it down to the bigger compost bin.

 Saya hanging in the driveway.. The snow we got from morning to now covered it so I had to shovel it again.
Saya paw prints so cute!

I go inside to put camera up so I can shovel and I see Saya laying down in the driveway so I had to get the camera again to get pictures!

 She looks so comfy. :) I took a few pics then put camera up to finish shoveling. She got up eventually to check the side of the house for rabbits or mice. once I was done we went inside.
 Bella was so tired that day and Sunday too she was still a little tired on Sunday.
Nice Christmas looking pic would been perfect if Bella was laying on the other side. ah well. Saya was so tired too. Next day she still had energy for nice walk..

Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter walk adventure

                                                               Today was a good day.
We had gotten some snow not enough to coat it with thick layer of snow, but still nice. There was more snow in the trails and wood compared to my back and front yard.

Saya and Bella hanged outside while I did some outside stuff then we headed for walk. I could tell Saya was ready for a walk as she kept wanting to chase leaves blowing in the wind..

Which I wouldn't have minded, but the leaves were in neighbor's yard. I just told her to come and if she tried to go for the leaves again I told her no and she got hint and headed for the side of the house to look for rabbits or mice.

We then went for walk in the field went six times around the second field trails to get them bit worn down some since it was our first wood walk for the year. We then headed into the woods for final round. Some fallen limbs, and fallen trees, dead vines hanging around in the right side of the woods.  Next walk I'll have to bring my clippers to cut the vines down.

I had to move one fallen tree luckily it was smaller tree compared to thick ones, but still hard to mess with since it was long. I just dragged it off to the side.  Still need to move three more trees..

Saya did good as usual she hanged off to the side sniffing stuff and out of the way and Bella hanged bit too close for a bit so I had to tell her to go and pointed where she headed out of the way and waited for me to finish.

Took nice picture of Saya with my cellphone on the big fallen tree. My phone is a flip type phone not fancy iphone so sending my pics to computer is a bit of a chore..

Also saw some raccoon prints and opossum prints on various areas each time I called Saya to come and pointed to the prints. Saya had fun sniffing them.

Saya smelled the animal den at the base of the tree. Not sure if it is occupied or not.. Maybe when I get a game cam I'll set it there for bit to see if anything goes in or out of it. Which won't be getting one for while as I still need to get a smaller camera.

I'm thinking of getting those tough type cameras or just a small camera. I'd like a waterproof one to protect from snow.

We headed to the trails and I had to drag out a fallen locust tree.. Good workout! Saya was off sniffing around so I called her and she headed to me and we headed home. Bella did well she didn't go off to find deer poo to eat.. yucky Bella.

Cute bird in the yard
I brushed Saya as she is still shedding her coat. once done she went into shiba 500 mode.. Running all over the yard chasing down her balls of fur when wind blew it.

Saya ate her breakfast in am and later after our walk gave her pork ribs which she only ate little bit so she'll get rest of the ribs tomorrow.

Saya is hoping we'll get more snow. I love how happy and excited she acts ready for our walk.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Basement is done.. sorry for lack of updates

Basement has been done for while. I got the bathroom repainted it looks much nicer than before. More brighter. Need to caulk the bath tub then I'll be done with it.

Winter is arriving so mostly been prepping for that cleaning the garage out, put the canoe up and prep my bog garden to survive any snow we may get. The bog's pot is way too heavy to take to the garage so I leave it outside all year. Most I do is trim dead stuff and put good layer of pine needles on top.

Once spring comes I take pine needles off. if I don't get all the needles it won't hurt the plants.

This spring I'll be re potting the plants as they're growing so well. Especially the purple pitcher. I might just get one of those liners for ponds and plant the stuff in that much more room for the plants to spread out.

I seen some people who make raised gardens where they have raised bed and liner with peat, perlite or peat and sand for drainage..

Anyways I got few good updates to post so I'll post them this week.

Sorry for lack of updates been kinda occupied.