Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Exploring the woods.

On the February 20th we did some exploring in the woods.. Well I worked clearing out the woods of fallen branches and cut branches so I don't have to climb over it. Saya was one that had fun exploring the woods.

She mainly stayed near most part then she went a bit in to where the little bridge is which I can easily walk to check on her. She was just sniffing the bridge and checking things out.

I saw a animal den no camera with me as I was doing a lot of work and didn't want carry it as I might drop or bang it up.

So next day I came with camera to get pictures of the two dens I found.
This is the pile of woods I brought out there still a decent bit of stuff I still need to drag out and some vines to cut.

I kinda enjoyed it once I removed this much the woods area looks much more nicer to walk in I didn't need to step over or duck around so much.
Saya once went under this pipe to sniff around her face was so dirty it was funny.

I checked under it I saw no den or anything so maybe an animal layed there to get out of the wind once so she smells it I dunno..
The water empties out to the creek I've been to. 
The bridge Saya explored it used to be a bit closer to the pipe either a lot of water moved it down or neighbor's moved it I don't know.. I want to move it back to where it was..
The beasts lair.. I'm guessing either fox or coyote den. There is an entrance and exit.
There is also evidence from a meal of rabbit.. Rabbit fur and femur and some spine..
I don't think the fur and bone was there on the 20ths when I took the pictures it was the 21st so I guess it is recent.

We walked through from the second field to here to head home and passed the den Saya did smell the stuff, but left it after I told her leave it.

Luckily her shoulder's are a bit broad I don't think she could fit into the den. Luckily she wasn't too into smelling it just the rabbit fur.
Saya wandered here it's by the camp site on the hill she was sniffing around. The hill leads to the ravine area we go to on walks when we go to the woods..

 Another den Saya wasn't sniffing by it, but she could have when I wasn't around.

I'm not sure what kind of den is it. It has entrance and I think a exit there is a den to the right of the picture a bit off, but close enough it might be connected.
Here is pictures of the second den below.
I enjoy the land and it's lots fun check out things. Saya enjoys finding mice nest and digging for moles.. I had dream she finally caught her mole sadly it wasn't true. Her hunt for a mole continues.

Good thing Saya is a good digger.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bark box giveaway

There is a bark box giveaway going on a blog I follow.

Link to the blog barkbox giveaway.

30lbs or less of pork in the freeze..

I gotten this two weeks ago, but since I was a bit busy with things I didn't post this, but anyways Marsh had a decent deal going on 98cents lb for a pork pack.

Each pack came with one pork shoulder roast good bit of pork chops and some pork ribs.

I got two packs for the dogs one pack for Bella and one for Saya.

Each pack weighed 15lbs. Bella's weighed a bit more about 15.30lb and Saya's 15.04lb or 14lbs almost 15lbs something like that I forgot.

When I prepped the pork it probably weighed less then 15lbs as I took off the bone on the pork chops to make it boneless pork as the dogs have plenty of bone in items with the pork ribs and bone in chicken.

Plus some of the bones on the pork chops were cut sharp.

15$ each plus tax isn't too bad of a deal for what I got.

We also got one pork pack for us humans yummy.. The pork roast tasted great as pork sandwiches once weather gets nice we can grill pork chops or the ribs. I've cooked pork chops inside too both taste good.
Here's one of the pork packs bags on left has ribs and middle and right has boneless pork chops and pork shoulder roast.

Bella really loves the pork ribs and pork roast.

When I did her pork pack I kept the pork roast out and she got that as a small snack so she'd get used to the pork meat.

She has had pork ribs and boneless pork before, but it's been while. She has mainly been getting Cornish chicken, chicken quarters for bone in and either beef tongue, liver, heart and kidneys, sometimes deer or goose..
Everything individually portioned it takes some work and a empty space of the freezer in the fridge to get it done, but it's worth the work as it's easy to just take one piece or two out.

This is Saya's portion so the pieces are a mix of 3oz, 4oz 5oz and some 6oz..

I can usually tell weight by looking at it sorta, but I weigh it just in case I'm wrong.

I like pairing up the 3oz with something like chicken heart and gizzards or bone in meal like lamb rib, or chicken part.

Bella's portions are bit of the same as Saya's. I feed Bella raw meals for dinner instead of kibble and I rotate it one day she gets kibble the next raw, next day kibble then next raw and so on..

Usually on kibble days I give her either a raw or cooked egg, caned fish(either salmon, mackerel, or sardines), or caned dog food like from wellness, Totw, or solid gold green tripe caned food.

Coarse caned green tripe doesn't have same benefits as raw kind I've read, but the dogs love both the raw and caned kind.
Bella seems do well with this kind of feeding and I do think it saves us some money as kibble last longer plus I'm sure Bella enjoys the variety she is always excited to get bone in chicken quarters, or half cornish hens, or pork ribs plus tiny bit of extra stuff like liver, kidney, heart, gizzards, or tongue.

Once I get my own freezer I'll be able to stock up on more chicken quarters, pork packs, gizzards, liver, boneless stuff and so on and be able to feed raw as dinner more often and kibble in am.

Right now I share a freezer so I don't want take up too much room.

Right now I'm using up the items I have to get enough room for my hare today order. I only order from them once year in winter so I don't worry about the stuff thawing..

I plan to buy couple bags of whole quail, rabbit and the whole raw sardines and herring. I can't find raw sardines or herring so that will be nice treat for the dogs.

Once I get more room I plan order some raw green tripe from blue ridge beef. Yummy.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fun at the creek

February 17 me, Saya, mom, and Bella went on walk together. Day before was nice, but she wasn't feeling good luckily next day she felt better.

It was chilly 18F in am then got to 20sF or so. Bella needs jacket in cold temps being she is a boxer. The cold doesn't seem to bother her that much compared to couple years ago maybe because she is used to it now who knows..
Bella is getting better with off leash so she gets some off leash time. She still isn't 100%, but she's getting better.

Saya does great off leash of coarse. I try keep things successful and walk during times there is less deer activity and rabbit too if I have Bella off leashing it.

Saya does pretty good coming back after chasing a rabbit, but Bella she still is working on coming back under such distractions.

This walk was mainly for fun.
Saya loves to climb fallen trees low ones or very high ones she climbed the branch that is going up a few times it's bit higher then me.
Coarse we saw some feet prints of various animals like raccoon, deer, squirrel, and even goose or some type of bird.

Saya spots a leaf! She loves chasing leaves in snow, wind, and even in water this one was stuck in the sand. She put her head in the water that didn't work so she walked off a bit then came back and pawed it.
Bobbing for leaf
Maybe pawing at it will help
Icing up in some spots.
Bella had a ton of fun zooming around. Saya did too she mainly explored areas.
Bella paw print
Saya did get some freedom she dragged her leash, but still was able to run around and explore things and she came when called and stuck near the area.
Saya paw print
Saya really wanted to chase floating ice, but she knew the water was a bit deep she'd have to swim to get to it. So she just watched as it floated by. She didn't mind walking in the water, but not swimming.

I think I agree 19F seems a bit chilly to put her whole body in the water though her fur is pretty water proof takes long time to get her wet during a bath.

What Saya investigated Bella sometime had check it out. She was like did you find anything interesting?

Bella didn't mind getting her feet wet either. She has less fur on her feet compared to Saya.

Saya came when called and sometimes Bella thought Saya come meant Both dogs come. haha

I gave her treat too Bella coming to me is a good thing. :)

Why walk through the water when you can jump like super shiba! hehe

I love it when I get lucky and get a nice un blurred action shot like this.

Saya exploring a bit. I relaxed and let her then called her since it almost time to head home.

Saya checking this out
I don't think shiba inu make good breed for off leash work. Things are different and they can be pretty impulsive and not listen to you especially if they see a deer, rabbit, leaf, bag blowing in wind, cat or who knows what.

Shiba inu has breed is good about selective hearing.. Plus they have shibatude..

Saya loves getting on trees.. This creek can flood when snow melts or when we get a lot of rain or combo of both.. This time is is nice and low. During a bad flood time it had gotten up to this fallen tree just the top of the tree was exposed which Saya had to walk across it.

I don't take many hike pictures since my only camera is cheapo phone or my nice camera..

I don't want to risk breaking the camera so I rather keep it home, but it would be nice to capture some fun walks or of Saya chasing a rabbit and pictures of animal prints..

 I plan to get a nice water proof and more compact camera sometime.
 Right now I'd like to get a decent dehydrator and maybe a dog freezer.. That would be nice instead of sharing a freeze.
Once I got closer to my woods I unleashed Saya and we headed to the field to finish our walk.

Vibram five finger spryridon shoes
Winter has been crazy we haven't had much snow lately just light accumulation.

Hard to see this is a flock of cranes flying by. Their noise is distinct so I knew it was them.

 Saya spotted or heard something so she sped up a bit.

It could been a rabbit or maybe bird I didn't hear or see anything I told her come on lets go and said Saya come and she stopped and headed with me to the trail by the pond.

Frozen pond.. It takes a long time of cold to get fully frozen even then I don't feel safe getting on it. I can tell where the springs are flowing into the pond as there is usually signs of it.

I've seen rabbit, coyotes and even deer tracks on the pond few years ago.

As soon as we got to the yard she lay right down to rest.

While Saya was resting I head to the lane to check for cans to collect sometimes people toss them so I get them to later take in for small amount of money.

The white and black dog is my neighbor's dog he used to visit us and get pets, but since his golden retriever companion died he no longer roams much out of his yard.

He's nice dog you don't mess with him he doesn't mess with you.

I walk the dogs past and he is fine with it no charging or lunging at us. I hate rude mean dogs like that.

 Saya investigating the compost wood area.. Neighbor's cat for some reason like to hang here so she probably smells it.
Saya extremely clean no sand or dirt on her. I love shiba breed so self cleaning..

Yesterday Saya was digging at a mole hill in the woods and her face gotten so dirty. She was clean when we got home her paws too.

Nothing feels more good then a sun bath after a nice hike. :)

Synchronize sun bathing time.