Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30lbs or less of pork in the freeze..

I gotten this two weeks ago, but since I was a bit busy with things I didn't post this, but anyways Marsh had a decent deal going on 98cents lb for a pork pack.

Each pack came with one pork shoulder roast good bit of pork chops and some pork ribs.

I got two packs for the dogs one pack for Bella and one for Saya.

Each pack weighed 15lbs. Bella's weighed a bit more about 15.30lb and Saya's 15.04lb or 14lbs almost 15lbs something like that I forgot.

When I prepped the pork it probably weighed less then 15lbs as I took off the bone on the pork chops to make it boneless pork as the dogs have plenty of bone in items with the pork ribs and bone in chicken.

Plus some of the bones on the pork chops were cut sharp.

15$ each plus tax isn't too bad of a deal for what I got.

We also got one pork pack for us humans yummy.. The pork roast tasted great as pork sandwiches once weather gets nice we can grill pork chops or the ribs. I've cooked pork chops inside too both taste good.
Here's one of the pork packs bags on left has ribs and middle and right has boneless pork chops and pork shoulder roast.

Bella really loves the pork ribs and pork roast.

When I did her pork pack I kept the pork roast out and she got that as a small snack so she'd get used to the pork meat.

She has had pork ribs and boneless pork before, but it's been while. She has mainly been getting Cornish chicken, chicken quarters for bone in and either beef tongue, liver, heart and kidneys, sometimes deer or goose..
Everything individually portioned it takes some work and a empty space of the freezer in the fridge to get it done, but it's worth the work as it's easy to just take one piece or two out.

This is Saya's portion so the pieces are a mix of 3oz, 4oz 5oz and some 6oz..

I can usually tell weight by looking at it sorta, but I weigh it just in case I'm wrong.

I like pairing up the 3oz with something like chicken heart and gizzards or bone in meal like lamb rib, or chicken part.

Bella's portions are bit of the same as Saya's. I feed Bella raw meals for dinner instead of kibble and I rotate it one day she gets kibble the next raw, next day kibble then next raw and so on..

Usually on kibble days I give her either a raw or cooked egg, caned fish(either salmon, mackerel, or sardines), or caned dog food like from wellness, Totw, or solid gold green tripe caned food.

Coarse caned green tripe doesn't have same benefits as raw kind I've read, but the dogs love both the raw and caned kind.
Bella seems do well with this kind of feeding and I do think it saves us some money as kibble last longer plus I'm sure Bella enjoys the variety she is always excited to get bone in chicken quarters, or half cornish hens, or pork ribs plus tiny bit of extra stuff like liver, kidney, heart, gizzards, or tongue.

Once I get my own freezer I'll be able to stock up on more chicken quarters, pork packs, gizzards, liver, boneless stuff and so on and be able to feed raw as dinner more often and kibble in am.

Right now I share a freezer so I don't want take up too much room.

Right now I'm using up the items I have to get enough room for my hare today order. I only order from them once year in winter so I don't worry about the stuff thawing..

I plan to buy couple bags of whole quail, rabbit and the whole raw sardines and herring. I can't find raw sardines or herring so that will be nice treat for the dogs.

Once I get more room I plan order some raw green tripe from blue ridge beef. Yummy.

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