Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Exploring the woods.

On the February 20th we did some exploring in the woods.. Well I worked clearing out the woods of fallen branches and cut branches so I don't have to climb over it. Saya was one that had fun exploring the woods.

She mainly stayed near most part then she went a bit in to where the little bridge is which I can easily walk to check on her. She was just sniffing the bridge and checking things out.

I saw a animal den no camera with me as I was doing a lot of work and didn't want carry it as I might drop or bang it up.

So next day I came with camera to get pictures of the two dens I found.
This is the pile of woods I brought out there still a decent bit of stuff I still need to drag out and some vines to cut.

I kinda enjoyed it once I removed this much the woods area looks much more nicer to walk in I didn't need to step over or duck around so much.
Saya once went under this pipe to sniff around her face was so dirty it was funny.

I checked under it I saw no den or anything so maybe an animal layed there to get out of the wind once so she smells it I dunno..
The water empties out to the creek I've been to. 
The bridge Saya explored it used to be a bit closer to the pipe either a lot of water moved it down or neighbor's moved it I don't know.. I want to move it back to where it was..
The beasts lair.. I'm guessing either fox or coyote den. There is an entrance and exit.
There is also evidence from a meal of rabbit.. Rabbit fur and femur and some spine..
I don't think the fur and bone was there on the 20ths when I took the pictures it was the 21st so I guess it is recent.

We walked through from the second field to here to head home and passed the den Saya did smell the stuff, but left it after I told her leave it.

Luckily her shoulder's are a bit broad I don't think she could fit into the den. Luckily she wasn't too into smelling it just the rabbit fur.
Saya wandered here it's by the camp site on the hill she was sniffing around. The hill leads to the ravine area we go to on walks when we go to the woods..

 Another den Saya wasn't sniffing by it, but she could have when I wasn't around.

I'm not sure what kind of den is it. It has entrance and I think a exit there is a den to the right of the picture a bit off, but close enough it might be connected.
Here is pictures of the second den below.
I enjoy the land and it's lots fun check out things. Saya enjoys finding mice nest and digging for moles.. I had dream she finally caught her mole sadly it wasn't true. Her hunt for a mole continues.

Good thing Saya is a good digger.

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