Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Late Birthday Saya!

April 28 or 29th I forgot which need to check anyways she is now two years old!

Her Birthday treat was going to the mini farmer's market in the downtown area this Saturday she loves going and behaves so well with people there. Everyone just loves her and wants to pet her.

The meat, veggie, and fruit farmer was there I bought $41 worth of meat for saya all grass fed and free range!

146oz of meat sounds like a wonderful birthday gift for her!

I got her a lb of ground lamb, two things of lamb hear one of it was 8oz the other had a 8oz piece and a 6oz piece of heart in it, she also got lamb liver, beef heart, beef liver, beef tongue, beef kidney, pork tongue, pork heart, and pork liver.

Forgot how much of each I got her I guess we'll see once I get around to thawing and sorting it all out.

She has plenty of liver so probably will just sort the kidney, tongues and hearts and then do the liver once it's low.

I mostly got organs with some ground lamb since Saya has plenty of boneless pork, bone in items, and whole quail and whole saury(type of fish).

Saya at 8weeks tugging blanket out of crate

Thursday, April 28, 2011

finally decent weather!

Saya hiding out in mom's new furniture
This week has been crazy! So rainy and stormy tornado warnings, watches etc.

The dog park we go to has been flooded from all the rain hopefully we get some dry weather.

This weekend we'll probably go to the park to walk around instead which is nice the dogs love walking in the park.

Saya's been doing good she was at the vet recently to have her ears checked and to get a shot since she'll be boarded soon.

She behaved so well when getting her ears checked and the shot she didn't shiba scream at all the vet said she was the most well behaved shiba they've had.

She also got weighed and she now weighs 21lbs she doesn't look fat so it must be gained muscle.

Yesterday she ate 9oz of pork roast and today she just got a chicken liver.

I plan to take them for a nice walk in the field which I hope stays clear and doesn't rain..

Farmer's market will open in May which is great! I love buying the meat for me and Saya.

Hopefully after the Louisiana trip we'll start going to it.

Sadly the farmer market doesn't allow dogs anymore probably thanks to the few jerks who bring dogs who don't behave. =(

Last year was the first year they did it coarse people still brought their little small dogs and some brought their big dogs too.

What made me mad was this one owner of a Pomeranian she had him on a long  leash about 20 feet of leash I believe. that dog walked everywhere got in people's way and even went and peed on the vendor's stall! I mean gross!

One lady at the farmer's market had a old looking pug that had long nails I mean they were long they started to curl it made me a bit sick inside to see the poor pug like that..

I loved the farmer's market it's great place to get meat, veggies and fruit from different local farmers lot of them have pretty good deals on their roasts, ground meats, organs and stuff.

When Saya was old enough had her shots I brought her to the market to meet people probably why she is so well behaved in public places and likes people is from going to the farmer's market.

I'd always made sure she peed and pooped before bringing her there and made sure she got some exercise too so she wasn't too crazy.

Sad other dog owners couldn't do the same.

I still plan to bring Saya at each farmer's market I go to I'll just walk on the side streets by it she got plenty of attention last year when I brought her. Once my mom was done buying her stuff I'd then go buy Saya her meats and organs.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Windy spring day

Today is a windy day we have a tornado watch till 10:PM. >.<

Saya went to the vets yesterday she weighs 21lbs now she was 20lbs. She is a muscle shiba inu very muscley and tank like. lol

She got a 75oz of a pork shoulder roast today ate about 3oz of it and also got a chicken foot with it.

Tomorrow she will get the roast again.

May will be here soon and Saya, Bella, and Dink will be boarding soon since we are going to Louisiana for my brother's graduation.

I hope my next trip to Louisiana after this one I can bring saya she loves traveling and would love to go visit my brother.

I plan to buy some frog legs, alligator meat, and maybe get some freezer burned meat from my  sister in law's family since they all hunt they might have freezer burned meat of deer, fish, pheasants that Saya can have.

I'll be boarding her at The dog house it looks great and the staff don't mind feeding raw and will even feed the dogs separately so they don't try to take each others food.

They've also boarded shiba inu before one owner has three shiba inu one which is blind which makes me happy they have experience with shiba inu.

The dogs there are also pretty quiet too some barked a bit but not too much.

I'll report how the dogs do when we pick them up..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Not much to report

Today was a cold rainy day.

The two dogs got one walk today. I played with Bella had her run around outside and she was tired.

Saya played with her flirt pole and stuff.

After the walk I checked for ticks Saya didn't have any she did have two, but I got them off during our walk easy to spot them on her white legs.

It took me atleast 10 or more minutes of checking every bit of Saya..

Bella coarse is very easy she's white single coated.

Tomorrow supposed to be decent so I'll be re potting my carnivorous plant bog. Soon I'll have two bogs. =)

Today I got my poke'mon heartgold soulsilver soundtrack came a bit later than my B&W sound track I love both of them..

I've been listening to my learn Japanese CD doubt I'll learn to speak it all by this CD, but it's a start. Eventually I plan to buy some books, and that rosetta stone CD thing too.

Saya's dog trainer's son too Japanese somewhere in the area so maybe she can direct me to where the class takes place. I wouldn't mind going if it means I'll learn Japanese.

I'd love to visit Japan and coarse knowing how to speak will be great make it easier to learn about shiba inu and other Nihon ken like Hokkaido.

I'd love to visit Hokkaido to meet the breeders and dog owners of the Hokkaido inu.

I'd also love to have one as a pet eventually once I get my own house and stuff.