Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Windy spring day

Today is a windy day we have a tornado watch till 10:PM. >.<

Saya went to the vets yesterday she weighs 21lbs now she was 20lbs. She is a muscle shiba inu very muscley and tank like. lol

She got a 75oz of a pork shoulder roast today ate about 3oz of it and also got a chicken foot with it.

Tomorrow she will get the roast again.

May will be here soon and Saya, Bella, and Dink will be boarding soon since we are going to Louisiana for my brother's graduation.

I hope my next trip to Louisiana after this one I can bring saya she loves traveling and would love to go visit my brother.

I plan to buy some frog legs, alligator meat, and maybe get some freezer burned meat from my  sister in law's family since they all hunt they might have freezer burned meat of deer, fish, pheasants that Saya can have.

I'll be boarding her at The dog house it looks great and the staff don't mind feeding raw and will even feed the dogs separately so they don't try to take each others food.

They've also boarded shiba inu before one owner has three shiba inu one which is blind which makes me happy they have experience with shiba inu.

The dogs there are also pretty quiet too some barked a bit but not too much.

I'll report how the dogs do when we pick them up..

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