Monday, April 4, 2011

Not much to report

Today was a cold rainy day.

The two dogs got one walk today. I played with Bella had her run around outside and she was tired.

Saya played with her flirt pole and stuff.

After the walk I checked for ticks Saya didn't have any she did have two, but I got them off during our walk easy to spot them on her white legs.

It took me atleast 10 or more minutes of checking every bit of Saya..

Bella coarse is very easy she's white single coated.

Tomorrow supposed to be decent so I'll be re potting my carnivorous plant bog. Soon I'll have two bogs. =)

Today I got my poke'mon heartgold soulsilver soundtrack came a bit later than my B&W sound track I love both of them..

I've been listening to my learn Japanese CD doubt I'll learn to speak it all by this CD, but it's a start. Eventually I plan to buy some books, and that rosetta stone CD thing too.

Saya's dog trainer's son too Japanese somewhere in the area so maybe she can direct me to where the class takes place. I wouldn't mind going if it means I'll learn Japanese.

I'd love to visit Japan and coarse knowing how to speak will be great make it easier to learn about shiba inu and other Nihon ken like Hokkaido.

I'd love to visit Hokkaido to meet the breeders and dog owners of the Hokkaido inu.

I'd also love to have one as a pet eventually once I get my own house and stuff.

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  1. I just had to comment to say - THIS IS A GREAT PIC of SAYA! :)