Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reason why I love feeding saya raw

This is a pork rib I fed her it was free range coarse she didn't eat it all at once it was spread out throughout the year she still has a couple ribs left.

 I started feeding Raw to Saya on March 22, 2009 for many reasons mostly because I thought it was best for her, seemed natural, and more variety than kibble.

Don't get me wrong I'm not anti kibble or kibble hater or anything I'm fine with it if it's of decent quality then go for it. Saya gets wellness core ocean and dog treats as treats and for training.

Saya's diet has been going great her coat is nice, she's happy, loves her meals sometimes she can be picky about things, but usually after offering it to her on various days she'll try it and start to like it.

Saya used to hate beef tongue, but now she loves beef tongue, pork tongue, and even lamb tongue same for beef heart. I don't feed those often usually when I get them is when the farmer's market is open I love buying her grass fed or free ranged meats I buy local farm meats for myself too.

Since going raw Saya started to reverse sneeze less and less which is of coarse good! She used to do it every night or during eating her kibble, but now she rarely does it anymore. She will reverse sneeze every once in a blue moon, but not often so that's good.

I really think raw boosted Saya's immune system a lot.

Saya's more able to jump higher too before she'd hesitate before jumping now she jumps on my bed with no issue, jumps a bit over her agility jump and even jumps up on fallen down trees before she had to crawl under it or I had to help her over it.

I love how much variety raw brings yesterday she ate lamb ribs, beef liver, and green tripe, today she got pork, tomorrow she's fasting and day after that gets ground sheep.

She really loves the whole prey quail I got from hare today also she loves the beef gullet and beef lung, ground goat, duck, and tripe.

Anyways just saying how much I love feeding raw diet I owe it to They are what they eat blog, Masakado shiba inu, and few other people that inspired me to look into what makes good kibble and about raw etc.

Another reason I started raw was due to all the kibble recalls I did tons of research and decided to do rotation for Saya's kibble meals.

It just got so annoying trying to figure out what was the best kibble to feed her I just said to myself screw this and eventually got a few packs of chicken thighs then later got ton of pork that was on sale, chicken breasts, chicken gizzards and hearts, and beef liver and kidney and got full on into raw.

I don't think I'll ever go back to kibble ever again if needed I'll home cook for my dogs if need be, but I just can't stand to put Saya or any of my future dogs onto kibble.

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