Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saya's blowing her coat

Saya and Bella have been enjoying this warmer weather with me on my walks in my field and when I relax in the backyard the two usually walk around playing with their toys and then they relax with me.

Saya enjoys playing fetch with her toys, and when done she likes to lay under my chair.

Saya has started to blow her coat now and at the time is blowing on her legs and her chest so fair she has been enjoying being groomed.

Saya's birthday is on April 20ths I might get some ground elk, ostrich, and beef and make a yummy meat cake for her. Two chicken foot as candles also cooked smashed sweet potatoes as icing since she really loves cooked sweet potatoes.

May I'll be gone for a week will be boarding while I'm gone. I plan to board her at a really nice place they will feed raw just fine which is good and reviews have been good.

I bought some ground pre mixed raw for the time she'll be boarding I got it nicely packed so it'll be easy for them to take out with no need to guess or measure.

Bella our two year old boxer will be boarding with Saya too she is kibble fed so I worry Bella will eat her meal fast and steal Saya's I hope the staff will keep an eye so Saya can eat it with no issue..

The picture I posted is of Saya during her young years she's walking on top of a fallen tree in my woods.

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