Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hi again!

Haven't posted in awhile almost been two years wow! =\

I'd hoped to update this more, but haven't due to my slow internet. Now my pc has been broken need to fix it hopefully I can get a decent internet speed so I can post more pictures and updates.

Anyways Saya will be raw fed for two years this March 22nd! can't wait!

She'll be getting whole quail for her special meal since she never had it before hope she likes it if not she might take a bit to like it we'll see.

Here's the quail I got.

Saya also has beef lung, beef gullet to try she really loves the beef pancreas, green tripe, duck, goat and beef organ mix.

Can't wait to get more from hare today I'll have to try different stuff like the whole rabbit, pigs head etc.

I added a picture of one of Saya's meals I'll take pictures of Saya trying her quail out on March 22nd.

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