Friday, April 23, 2010

fitfh week on raw

Saya is now on her fifth week on raw and doing great she can get beef, pork and liver with no problems at all.

This week I'm increasing her meat meals she is no longer getting a bone in chicken every day she's getting beef meals and she gets her bone in chicken two days in the week.

So far she has handled this well I plan to increase the meat meals next week.

I've ran out of pork, but luckily the store is having a sale on pork so I plan to pick up some pork, pork hocks, and chicken gizzards, and hearts. I also plan to buy some caned tripe and salmon oil for Saya and a kitchen scale so I can get things weighed before packaging the meat up.

April 29th will be Saya's birthday so I plan to buy her some lamb ribs for her bone in meals on that week she really loves lamb. =)

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