Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bella has hypothyroidism

Boxer face!
Well Bella has hypothyroidism and also her bump on her chest is a mass cell tumor or whatever we going to have it removed soon.

I hope she heals up on time for the Madison picnic if not we'll bring her, but mom probably stay at the hotel while I'm at the meet up..

Hope not, but Bella should heal up enough by then I think we'll see what the vet thinks.

Her Soloxine pills seem to help her she is acting a bit better now.

I also ordered this book The Canine Thyroid Epidemic: Answers You Need for Your Dog It should be a good read.

Monday, July 25, 2011

my pet carnivore

My pet carnivore is a raw pet food supplier and their stuff looks pretty good so I plan to try them next since I've already tried hare today.

1 ground whole alpaca 2 lb $5.95
1 green beef tripe strips/chunks 5lb $8.95
1 ground bison tripe 2lb $5.44
1 Ground lamb tripe 2 lb $5.44
1 turkey feet $3.88
2 Goat Chunks 5lb $33.88
2 Mutton chunks 5lb $33.88

Link to my pet carnivore

They do deliver for pick up at certain areas not sure how it all works..

Since they're in Indianapolis I'll be able to make appointment and pick my stuff up.

The freezer is still a bit full from my hare today order so once there's room I plan to make and order to let.

I'm excited to try the goat and mutton chunks comes with 5lb of variety of things. plan to order two things of the goat and mutton so 20lbs of meat. wow. lol

It's going to take me some time to go through it and organize it all.

Can't wait to get my own freezer heck can't wait to move out.

lamb neck

Saya has been on cranimals for five days so far so good.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bella is feeling a bit better

Bella sleepy
Today Bella is much better she even played with Saya this morning, but got interrupted when dad got mad at his homework and yelled..

Me and mom went to the grocery and stuff and when we got back Bella wanted to play with me bouncing everywhere so I hope she was just tired from this heat.

It rained a good bit today so hope it'll cool off some more and rain some more too..

Saya trying to get a treat I had over her head her first winter
Saya has been on cranimals for four days now and she's doing good on it. She not fond of very berry must be the tart fruit taste..

She likes fresh or frozen blue berries and raspberries maybe it's the cranberries that she is not fond of.

Since she doesn't like the taste I've been mixing very berry with a egg or caned sardines.

Vibe she'll drink up without anything added to it.

Today I got her some plain Greek yogurt so I can mix the very berry in that and sometimes in the sardines or egg don't want her to have sardines every day though she'd probably love that.

Puppy Saya
Today Saya ate 7.41oz of frozen beef gullet and in am she had one and half of caned sardines mixed with very berry.

Tomorrow she gets yogurt mixed with very berry with little bit of water and pork or lamb liver plus her vibe stuff in PM mixed with water.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bella not feeling too well

Bella being silly and sitting on the stairs when I told her to
Friday or thursday Bella hasn't been acting herself lately not wanting to play as much and seems a bit depressed. I hope it's due to mom working more than usual and not some disease. =(

She has been eating fine and drinking fine too also peeing and pooping like normal.

I'm hoping it's the heat just making her tired or something, but if she doesn't get well soon we'll have to take her in on Monday..

Bella playing with Saya few months back
No change in her kibble it's the same nothing new or anything.  We haven't been walking much since this heat is so bad and only times we go out is to potty.

If it's cool in morning or late evening I take a quick walk with the dogs, but not very long just to get them out. Bella keeps up and doesn't lag or seem stressed or anything.

She's been drinking fine and eating and taking treats she did rest a bit this evening and seemed to perk up after a bit.

It's Yin and Yang!
I hope she feels better tomorrow we plan to just rest and stick in the house so hope she perks up if not off to the vet we go.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Madison Wisconsin shiba inu picnic

Shiba plushies and other shiba items for auction I won the B&T plush

Hello All,

The 2011 MadShiba picnic is just over one month away. Please RSVP no later than August 8th! This years picnic is on Saturday August 20th. The picnic will start at 11am with lunch around noon. The silent auction and raffle will be held sometime after that.

As always the picnic will be held at Token Creek Park in Madison (Deforest), WI at shelter #5.

The cost of the picnic this year is $15 for adults and $10 for children under 10. The fee includes a catered meal and beverages.

All proceeds raised will be split between The Shiba Inu Rescue Resources of America and the Dane County Humane Society.

Please let me know of any questions you may have, we can provide pet friendly hotel information.

You should be able to "Like" our page on Facebook, just search for "Mad-Shiba Picnic"

Feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who might be interested in attending the picnic.

The MadShiba Picnic Team

Saya taking a break from mingling and played with her penguin
 Go to Mad-shiba picnic FB page for more info on how to RSVP or to ask questions or to like it either way.

I went to it last year and it was great over 80 people I believe and the food was really nice.

Auction and raffle was nice too.

Saya so tired from her event
I had a good time at last years meet up Saya got snarky with a few of the dogs there sadly, but she did meet three that she liked and played with.

Coarse she got snarky with Koshi the shikoku. >.<

Thursday, July 21, 2011

PM meal of caned sardines and vibe

Saya's vibe mixed with sardines
This was Saya's PM meal a bit of water, three caned sardines and her vibe mixed in.

She seemed to enjoyed it and licked the bowl clean.

I'll probably stop giving the solid gold seameal since vibe already has seaweed meal powder.

Don't want to give her too much of seaweed..

Yummy a meal only a dog would love
This is only her and Bella's first day on it so we'll see how it goes. I'll probably pick up some Plain Greek yogurt to mix the supplement in on days she doesn't get eggs or caned fish..

I dunno if she'd lick the stuff up if I were to mix it in water and give it to her maybe before mixing it next time I'll have to try it to see how she likes it.

All clean
I could also get caned dog food too as something to mix it in too then Bella could get some of the caned stuff..

I'll do a weekly update and write anything I notice.

Cranimals is here!

Vibe left and very berry right
Saya's Cranimal's vibe and very berry came today. Looks great very berry has a berry red look to it and vibe is a bit greenish from the seaweed and maybe the spirulina.

They even included a small sample of very berry so I just opened it and poured it into the jar it also had a 15% off next order coupon so that's nice.

I'll be giving it to Bella and Saya to see how it goes. Dunno if they'll show any improvements, but never know.

I read one post on cranimals FB page that it helped with tear stains which would be good since Bella gets a little bit of them..

I think it's from pollen or something because it gets worse around time farmers work on their field and when pollen is around.. Right now it's a bit better, but who knows might go away with this supplement.
Very Berry
For a 1lb to 55lb dog 1 level teaspoon and for 55 to 100lb 2 level teaspoons..

Well see how long he 1lb of vibe and 1lb of very berry last the two..

Saya eats raw so I'll mix it in raw egg which she gets once a week, caned sardines, ground meat and Greek plain yoghurt Saya loves Greek yogurt.. 

Bella I'll just mix it with her kibble I usually add a bit of water sometimes especially when it's really hot out and sometimes gives her a raw egg or raw meal of chicken quarters instead of kibble.

Very berry on top and solid gold seameal on bottom
I only need to give the supplement once a day so in AM she gets very berry with her solid gold seameal and in pm she'll get the vibe and since vibe has seaweed meal powder in it I won't do a second of solid gold seameal.

Saya's egg mixed with her supplements a meal only a dog would love. =)
I put a bit of filtered water a egg and her supplements in it I also too the egg's membrane and tiny bit of shell and added it in I put the rest of the shell into the compost bucket.

I also put a bit of vitamin E in it and one fish oil in it too which Saya really liked it and licked the bowl clean. I need to buy a thing of grizzly's salmon oil to use again probably just once or twice a week she already gets caned fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel also raw fish like Saury and smelt.
Saya eating her breakfast
Saya will get the vibe with a sardine and water mashed together, and a couple raw frozen smelt.

I'm sure she'll love vibe since she loves solid gold she never refused that stuff..

Saya is raw fed does gets kibble for training treats she loves kibble she gets what Bella gets wellness core ocean and TotW lamb or deer/bison formula. I like wellness core ocean and TotW seems like good kibble too.

Raw has helped with Saya she is a bit healthier because of it she gets plenty of variety mostly she gets red meat like beef, pork, goat, mutton, and then her white meat chicken, turkey, and fish.

Bowl licked clean
With variety I feed I don't really feel supplementing vitamins are necessary, but with solid gold seameal I had gotten it because it had seameal in it seaweed or whatever and it was supposed to be good for the dog's coat.

Does give off a nice smell reminds me when I'd go to Marine Life in Mississippi the smell of the ocean fishy.. lol Saya loved it too.

With cranimals I like what the description says about the product and most people seem satisfied with it.

Vibe having spirulina is nice from what I read it's good for people and dogs supposed to boost immune system or something like that.

I'll update if I notice anything with Saya and Bella.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whole prey

eating whole prey quail
Yesterday Saya ate a whole prey quail I got from hare today this is her third or fourth time eating it.

Once I get my own job and stuff I hope to order more stuff from them they have raw whole sardines and herring which is nice also whole prey rabbit.

Mouthful of feathers
I like feeding the quail it's less messy not as slimy like chicken since it still has it's feathers on plus contains everything meat, bones, blood, and all the organs. She eats the whole bird including the stomach contents.

I hope to try rabbit the next time I order stuff would be interesting to see if she avoids the stomach or just eats it and it's contents too..

I think quail is probably her favorite meal to eat. I give it to her once a month so it'd last. One day I'll own my own freezer that way I can fill it with what I want to no issue of room.

Only thing left was a few long feathers from the wings. The rest of yesterday she mainly rested.

Today she only got little bit of kibble with training and 1oz of smelt as a snack.

My dad he must have some bad memory lost I'm surprised with as much beer, smoking, and anti depressants he has been on..

My dad know Saya is on raw since she started raw two years ago. At first I was hush hush about it and coarse eventually he found out from when I was portioning meals out.

He seemed OK with it. Last year he kept going on and on how he wanted to do what I was doing, but we wouldn't let him feed Bella that way..

From my understanding her wanted to feed Bella half kibble with ground beef and chicken gizzards and heart..

Sure that's good for a nice kibble topper whatever, but long term I don't think it'd be good for Bella.

I already do that with her three times a week she gets a raw meal instead of kibble for dinner. she gets chicken quarters little bit of beef heart, liver, kidney, and boneless each week.

I also have been rotating her kibble too from wellness core ocean to Totw lamb trying deer and bison next.

All whats left of quail
well last month he was asking my mom whats all the stuff in the freezer it looks like meat, but I dunno what it is! Mom told him it's Saya's food..

I might need to buy a freezer sooner then later so he doesn't throw a fit or something especially he's back to drinking beer.. 3 or 4 a night, but I worry he might get back into habit of drinking from from morning to very late night..

Wonder where I'd keep the freezer.. I want to get a really big one that way once I move out on my own ready for a second dog I'll have enough freezer space to store meat for two dogs.

Saya licking a ton after her meal
 It's been a really sad year this year I still haven't gotten much done like I'd want to. I'd hope to get my drivers license and get a job somewhere, but we haven't been practicing.

There would be times I was ready to go practice then it got ruined by mom complaining about work it bummed me out so practice didn't happen.

Or like the one day we went to the dog park the ladies do who attacked Saya really screwed my day up. Made me so sick how the lady did nothing.

No practice..

Another licking picture

 I believe I have tinnitus I always have a noise in my ear that I hear it's like a very long piiing noise something like that.

Which coarse sucks, but not too bad if there's background noises like music, TV, people talking, etc. If there's silence it's no fun to listen to it in silence though I tend to not be bothered by it too much anymore.

Saya standing there
I'd eventually like to move out there are decent apartments out there one even has a dog park for people who live there though not sure how nice is it probably worse then the dog park I go to..

I'd eventually like to live in a house with a decent fenced yard and some day live in the country with a big yard for Saya to roam around and have a small garden and raise chickens, quail and rabbit..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farmer's market, smelt and fasting

Raw smelt
Yesterday we went to the farmer's market I didn't buy anything mainly went so Saya could meet many people and kids she loves going.

She has been doing great she is getting better about not being so nervous about the small bands playing.

There was a poodle or bichon frise or something that was tied to the pole while her owner ate in the restaurant. The dog seemed healthy and happy she was very friendly and liked Saya.

Saya liked the poodle they both greeted nicely still sad the dog was tied up it had water, but still.. The restaurant used to have outside seating area, but it was gone..

I love eating in outside area if I had saya i'd be sure to find one that allows dogs not leave her like that.

We went to the butcher and they had smelt! They haven't had it for a while so I grabbed two bags I kinda wished I bought the last two, but the two bags should be enough for a while.

Saya loves fish and she loves smelt thought it'd be nice to give her smelt again since only fish she has gotten has been her saury, caned sardines, caned mackerel, caned salmon, and caned tuna.

Saya eating her Saury

I only have one Saury left it's a type of fish that people eat I cooked two for myself the meat tasted good, but the organs bitter.. I gave the organs to Saya. lol

I need to make another trip to the Asian market to buy more Saury, mackerel, wakame, and miso I love the store the workers are pretty nice and the prices are nice.

Saya eating a cornish hen
 This picture her is of Saya eating her cornish hen I stuffed it with ground bison, chicken gizzard, heart, beef liver, and kidney. What a meal! lol

Took her a week to eat it all she'd eat the legs some ground meat, next day ate two wings, a bit of ground etc. still she was done.

I did that two times when she was first starting raw. I think I'll try it again soon to see how she does.

Saya at 9 or 11 weeks
Fasting is something some raw feeders do sometimes it's because the dog had a tummy upset or something like that sometimes it is because they feed a gorge fast type diet.

I try to fast Saya once a week it seems to help her. On days she fast she never acts like she is extremely hungry or anything..

She does gets treats sometimes from training or something like a chicken foot, egg, or caned fish.

I also do fasting or just a small meal if she has eaten a big meal like a whole saury fish(6oz), whole prey quail(8oz)or pork roast(9oz or so).

Most food she has eaten at once has been a turkey drumstick I believe it weighed 16oz and she ate it all. I just fasted her and day after fast she gotten 3oz of boneless pork.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Not much going on

Saya wearing my Junpei Iori baseball cap
Nothing much happened this Friday I slept in a bit, worked outside a bit, walked the dogs and then me and my mom went saw the Harry Potter film I really loved it.

I need to read the books on it..

Saya playing tug with the kids
Saturday we might go to the farmer's market to get some granola and maybe a veggie or fruit. Don't have much money so mom doesn't want to buy much.

I just spent money on the cranimals stuff, but still has money. I might buy a beef tongue for Saya. Still have plenty of beef, pork and lamb heart, beef, pork and lamb liver..

If the bison people are there I might check their stuff out.. They sell nice bison steaks, ground, roasts also has liver, rocky mountain oysters(nicer term for bison male B***), but the times I've gone they just had the meat maybe I can ask for them to bring the organs the next time so I can buy some for variety.

Saya never had rocky oyster before so dunno how'd she like them gross to think about, but I'm sure wolves and other carnivores eat that kind of stuff nothing goes to waste.. I'm sure it has some good type of protein and vitamins in it.. I'd probably just give it twice a month or something..

The bison place also sells smoked bison bones for dogs, but I never buy those I prefer kind that has lots of yummy meat..

Saya's fancy collar I got from Madison WI shiba picnic auction
I dunno if we even go to the farmer's market my mom kinda wants to just relax which is fine by me.

If we go I'll probably bring Saya even if they don't allow dogs at it I love bringing her I just stick to the sidewalks so she is not in the farmer's market.

I've been doing that since they started no dogs rule which sucks since she was a well behaved dog and always stuck by my side never went to people even when they showed interest in her she waited for me to say go see them.

Sad how bad dog owners can ruin it for the good owners.

Saya is so adorable with her collar
Even though they have signs on both sides dog owners still walk their dog through the farmer's market to buy things. Sign says no dogs under health code or something like that..

I'm afraid if dog owners keep doing this they'll get even mad at me for bringing Saya on the side walk..

The farmer's market is in the street the area I walk on is the sidewalk and is far from the vendors. I enjoy walking in the down town area and Saya seems to enjoy it.

We usually sit on the bench where the farmer's market is to wait for my mom to get done so she watches Saya while I look around.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ordered cranimals finally

Dog park picture dirt patch due to flooding.
well I gave mom my money and she deposited it today so I'll be ordering the 1lb cranimals very berry and 1lb of cranimals vibe.

I'll be giving it to both Bella and Saya to see how they like it and report if anything happens..

I like the ingredients and the seaweed and spirulina in vibe is nice Saya and Bella loves the solid gold seameal stuff.

Since vibe has seaweed in it I'll probably just give solid gold seameal once a day instead of two times.

Cranimals is a once a day thing so I'll give Saya the solid gold seameal and very berry in morning, vibe in afternoon.

I plan to give it to her by mixing it in a rotation of things like Greek plain yogurt, ground meat, caned fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines.

Dachshund checking Saya out
We have wild rasberries out in our fields which we pick till they are done fruiting. We mainly used it to make jelly, and froze the rest for smoothies or other things like pie or things like that..

We also went to prelock's blueberry farm which is pretty close where we live. Picked tons of blue berries not sure how much, but enough to make jelly, pie, and plus tons we froze and bagged for smoothies, pie, pancakes etc.

We have been giving Saya and Bella the blue berries that were good, but a bit smashed for a treat they loved it. I've also been giving them some blue berries and raspberries with Bella's kibble and to Saya too she loves the blue berries and raspberries I smashed them up, cooked them for a bit and then let it cool in her dog bowl added her fish oil and vitamin E, solid gold seameal and sometimes I added a egg to it and Saya loved the berry soup.. lol

Doesn't seem to hurt her and she just gets a couple small spoon fulls some water added to it before cooking it in the microwave.

Dog mix that Saya got snarky for greeting to in your face..
Saya seems to have issues with dogs being to in your face with greetings.

She is not aggressive when she lets them know about it she shows signs the is not OK with the greeting, will yell, and bite at the air never biting at the dog just to get the hint across if other warnings didn't work.

All the dogs she met seems to get the hint and back away and next time greet more calmly and they get a long.

After meeting the same dogs a few times she gets less defensive and seems more better with them.

The dog in the picture she got snarky with at first, but once the dog calmed down she got along and did well with him.

Saya seems to do better with spitz type dogs like husky or husky mix.

She met a keeshond that she likes at first meeting and she even got to meet a B&T male shiba inu he resource guards water so his owner takes him to the second large dog area with no dogs, but if the water bowls are put up he does fine with other dogs.

Saya's first meeting they both got in a snarky fest it was just lot of screaming and noise, but not fighting or anything after a bit they calmed down and played a bit.

Bella even wanted to come over to play so we took her over too the male shiba inu loved Bella they wrestled for a bit.

Saya with her cute pink kitty plush she hasn't destroyed it yet.
Back on cranimals subject I hope it comes pretty quickly I've read there's a mail strike in Canada not sure if it's done yet.. Cranimals is based in Canada I believe. I hope my shipment is not too delayed.

I dunno what I expect from giving this stuff I already give Saya a good balanced raw diet, but who knows maybe it'll help boost her immune system even more.

I don't think it'd hurt to give it a try and stuff. coarse the 1lb tubs cost a lot more than the 4.2oz ones..

4.2oz costs $18.95 while 1lb ones costs $65.00.

I figure it'd cost 75$ or so to get the amount in the 1lb tubs if I bought that many 4.2oz ones..

Saving of $10 for buying bulk..

Still a lot of money to spend as a trail run, but ah well if the dogs do well on it I think it'd be worth it.

Since I'll be giving it to Bella too my mom helped me out by buying one of the 1lb containers of it so I just gotta pay 65$ instead of $130..

Shipping free so that's good.

Monday, July 11, 2011

old camera broken

Saya at the dog park
Well my old Sony cybershot is broken it keeps saying turn power off then on again, but it doesn't work when I turn it off then on again, from what I've read the lens might be jammed or something.

It started after I had it plugged into the pc to load pictures and it showed that message after un plugging the plug from the camera to the pc..

Ah well least I got the nice camera, but I loved the old one took videos decent outdoor pictures and being old and small I didn't mind taking it with me walking or hiking etc..

Dachshund walking by

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where's my cranimals

Saya relaxing at the lake house
Well cranimals samples haven't come yet darn mail strike in Canada..

I've decided I'll probably just go and buy both cranimal very berry and vibe to try out and when the free samples come that will be great.

Saya and Bella's backyard
Tuesday I was pretty busy mowed the front, sides, back, yard and mowed the two fields too.

I raked some of the grass and put it on the burn pile.

Yesterday I did the weedeater in the yard and field on places I couldn't get by mower.

I also burned the pile of grass and tree branches yesterday too.

Today I'm still bit tired and stuff my mom is going to pick blueberries at prelock blueberry farm so I'll go to help her with it.

I hope to get some honey and coffe beans there too.. =)

Saya's fluffball after grooming her at the lake house
Saya seems to be pretty much done with her blowing. I need to get a picture of her with all of her fur to show. =)

If cranimals work out I plan to get the 1lb containers of the very berry and vibe costs a ton, but worth it since It'll last Saya and Bella longer..