Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bella not feeling too well

Bella being silly and sitting on the stairs when I told her to
Friday or thursday Bella hasn't been acting herself lately not wanting to play as much and seems a bit depressed. I hope it's due to mom working more than usual and not some disease. =(

She has been eating fine and drinking fine too also peeing and pooping like normal.

I'm hoping it's the heat just making her tired or something, but if she doesn't get well soon we'll have to take her in on Monday..

Bella playing with Saya few months back
No change in her kibble it's the same nothing new or anything.  We haven't been walking much since this heat is so bad and only times we go out is to potty.

If it's cool in morning or late evening I take a quick walk with the dogs, but not very long just to get them out. Bella keeps up and doesn't lag or seem stressed or anything.

She's been drinking fine and eating and taking treats she did rest a bit this evening and seemed to perk up after a bit.

It's Yin and Yang!
I hope she feels better tomorrow we plan to just rest and stick in the house so hope she perks up if not off to the vet we go.

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