Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farmer's market, smelt and fasting

Raw smelt
Yesterday we went to the farmer's market I didn't buy anything mainly went so Saya could meet many people and kids she loves going.

She has been doing great she is getting better about not being so nervous about the small bands playing.

There was a poodle or bichon frise or something that was tied to the pole while her owner ate in the restaurant. The dog seemed healthy and happy she was very friendly and liked Saya.

Saya liked the poodle they both greeted nicely still sad the dog was tied up it had water, but still.. The restaurant used to have outside seating area, but it was gone..

I love eating in outside area if I had saya i'd be sure to find one that allows dogs not leave her like that.

We went to the butcher and they had smelt! They haven't had it for a while so I grabbed two bags I kinda wished I bought the last two, but the two bags should be enough for a while.

Saya loves fish and she loves smelt thought it'd be nice to give her smelt again since only fish she has gotten has been her saury, caned sardines, caned mackerel, caned salmon, and caned tuna.

Saya eating her Saury

I only have one Saury left it's a type of fish that people eat I cooked two for myself the meat tasted good, but the organs bitter.. I gave the organs to Saya. lol

I need to make another trip to the Asian market to buy more Saury, mackerel, wakame, and miso I love the store the workers are pretty nice and the prices are nice.

Saya eating a cornish hen
 This picture her is of Saya eating her cornish hen I stuffed it with ground bison, chicken gizzard, heart, beef liver, and kidney. What a meal! lol

Took her a week to eat it all she'd eat the legs some ground meat, next day ate two wings, a bit of ground etc. still she was done.

I did that two times when she was first starting raw. I think I'll try it again soon to see how she does.

Saya at 9 or 11 weeks
Fasting is something some raw feeders do sometimes it's because the dog had a tummy upset or something like that sometimes it is because they feed a gorge fast type diet.

I try to fast Saya once a week it seems to help her. On days she fast she never acts like she is extremely hungry or anything..

She does gets treats sometimes from training or something like a chicken foot, egg, or caned fish.

I also do fasting or just a small meal if she has eaten a big meal like a whole saury fish(6oz), whole prey quail(8oz)or pork roast(9oz or so).

Most food she has eaten at once has been a turkey drumstick I believe it weighed 16oz and she ate it all. I just fasted her and day after fast she gotten 3oz of boneless pork.


  1. I still need to find some fish for a good price around here. That wouldn't have been a problem when I lived in Seattle but I'm not close to the coast anymore.
    Conker has liked the fish I've given him so far, mainly small scraps of halibut, trout and some sardines. I think he'd enjoy a whole fish like the saury or smelt.

    Conker really liked his cornish hen. It weighed 1.68 pounds and he ate all but 2 ounces of it. He got the remaining 2 oz the next day.

  2. Yeah my butcher sells salmon and different types of fish coarse expensive they do sell bags of smelt for 5.99 a bag..

    The Asian market near me has fish some has some salt added to it, but the saury I get don't forgot the brand three the package away.. I think the mackerel might had some salt, but Saya did fine..

    I'm glad there's that Asian market decent fish. hehe

    When I lived in Louisiana fish was easy.