Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cranimals is here!

Vibe left and very berry right
Saya's Cranimal's vibe and very berry came today. Looks great very berry has a berry red look to it and vibe is a bit greenish from the seaweed and maybe the spirulina.

They even included a small sample of very berry so I just opened it and poured it into the jar it also had a 15% off next order coupon so that's nice.

I'll be giving it to Bella and Saya to see how it goes. Dunno if they'll show any improvements, but never know.

I read one post on cranimals FB page that it helped with tear stains which would be good since Bella gets a little bit of them..

I think it's from pollen or something because it gets worse around time farmers work on their field and when pollen is around.. Right now it's a bit better, but who knows might go away with this supplement.
Very Berry
For a 1lb to 55lb dog 1 level teaspoon and for 55 to 100lb 2 level teaspoons..

Well see how long he 1lb of vibe and 1lb of very berry last the two..

Saya eats raw so I'll mix it in raw egg which she gets once a week, caned sardines, ground meat and Greek plain yoghurt Saya loves Greek yogurt.. 

Bella I'll just mix it with her kibble I usually add a bit of water sometimes especially when it's really hot out and sometimes gives her a raw egg or raw meal of chicken quarters instead of kibble.

Very berry on top and solid gold seameal on bottom
I only need to give the supplement once a day so in AM she gets very berry with her solid gold seameal and in pm she'll get the vibe and since vibe has seaweed meal powder in it I won't do a second of solid gold seameal.

Saya's egg mixed with her supplements a meal only a dog would love. =)
I put a bit of filtered water a egg and her supplements in it I also too the egg's membrane and tiny bit of shell and added it in I put the rest of the shell into the compost bucket.

I also put a bit of vitamin E in it and one fish oil in it too which Saya really liked it and licked the bowl clean. I need to buy a thing of grizzly's salmon oil to use again probably just once or twice a week she already gets caned fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel also raw fish like Saury and smelt.
Saya eating her breakfast
Saya will get the vibe with a sardine and water mashed together, and a couple raw frozen smelt.

I'm sure she'll love vibe since she loves solid gold she never refused that stuff..

Saya is raw fed does gets kibble for training treats she loves kibble she gets what Bella gets wellness core ocean and TotW lamb or deer/bison formula. I like wellness core ocean and TotW seems like good kibble too.

Raw has helped with Saya she is a bit healthier because of it she gets plenty of variety mostly she gets red meat like beef, pork, goat, mutton, and then her white meat chicken, turkey, and fish.

Bowl licked clean
With variety I feed I don't really feel supplementing vitamins are necessary, but with solid gold seameal I had gotten it because it had seameal in it seaweed or whatever and it was supposed to be good for the dog's coat.

Does give off a nice smell reminds me when I'd go to Marine Life in Mississippi the smell of the ocean fishy.. lol Saya loved it too.

With cranimals I like what the description says about the product and most people seem satisfied with it.

Vibe having spirulina is nice from what I read it's good for people and dogs supposed to boost immune system or something like that.

I'll update if I notice anything with Saya and Bella.

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