Monday, July 25, 2011

my pet carnivore

My pet carnivore is a raw pet food supplier and their stuff looks pretty good so I plan to try them next since I've already tried hare today.

1 ground whole alpaca 2 lb $5.95
1 green beef tripe strips/chunks 5lb $8.95
1 ground bison tripe 2lb $5.44
1 Ground lamb tripe 2 lb $5.44
1 turkey feet $3.88
2 Goat Chunks 5lb $33.88
2 Mutton chunks 5lb $33.88

Link to my pet carnivore

They do deliver for pick up at certain areas not sure how it all works..

Since they're in Indianapolis I'll be able to make appointment and pick my stuff up.

The freezer is still a bit full from my hare today order so once there's room I plan to make and order to let.

I'm excited to try the goat and mutton chunks comes with 5lb of variety of things. plan to order two things of the goat and mutton so 20lbs of meat. wow. lol

It's going to take me some time to go through it and organize it all.

Can't wait to get my own freezer heck can't wait to move out.

lamb neck

Saya has been on cranimals for five days so far so good.

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