Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bella is feeling a bit better

Bella sleepy
Today Bella is much better she even played with Saya this morning, but got interrupted when dad got mad at his homework and yelled..

Me and mom went to the grocery and stuff and when we got back Bella wanted to play with me bouncing everywhere so I hope she was just tired from this heat.

It rained a good bit today so hope it'll cool off some more and rain some more too..

Saya trying to get a treat I had over her head her first winter
Saya has been on cranimals for four days now and she's doing good on it. She not fond of very berry must be the tart fruit taste..

She likes fresh or frozen blue berries and raspberries maybe it's the cranberries that she is not fond of.

Since she doesn't like the taste I've been mixing very berry with a egg or caned sardines.

Vibe she'll drink up without anything added to it.

Today I got her some plain Greek yogurt so I can mix the very berry in that and sometimes in the sardines or egg don't want her to have sardines every day though she'd probably love that.

Puppy Saya
Today Saya ate 7.41oz of frozen beef gullet and in am she had one and half of caned sardines mixed with very berry.

Tomorrow she gets yogurt mixed with very berry with little bit of water and pork or lamb liver plus her vibe stuff in PM mixed with water.

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