Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where's my cranimals

Saya relaxing at the lake house
Well cranimals samples haven't come yet darn mail strike in Canada..

I've decided I'll probably just go and buy both cranimal very berry and vibe to try out and when the free samples come that will be great.

Saya and Bella's backyard
Tuesday I was pretty busy mowed the front, sides, back, yard and mowed the two fields too.

I raked some of the grass and put it on the burn pile.

Yesterday I did the weedeater in the yard and field on places I couldn't get by mower.

I also burned the pile of grass and tree branches yesterday too.

Today I'm still bit tired and stuff my mom is going to pick blueberries at prelock blueberry farm so I'll go to help her with it.

I hope to get some honey and coffe beans there too.. =)

Saya's fluffball after grooming her at the lake house
Saya seems to be pretty much done with her blowing. I need to get a picture of her with all of her fur to show. =)

If cranimals work out I plan to get the 1lb containers of the very berry and vibe costs a ton, but worth it since It'll last Saya and Bella longer..

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