Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whole prey

eating whole prey quail
Yesterday Saya ate a whole prey quail I got from hare today this is her third or fourth time eating it.

Once I get my own job and stuff I hope to order more stuff from them they have raw whole sardines and herring which is nice also whole prey rabbit.

Mouthful of feathers
I like feeding the quail it's less messy not as slimy like chicken since it still has it's feathers on plus contains everything meat, bones, blood, and all the organs. She eats the whole bird including the stomach contents.

I hope to try rabbit the next time I order stuff would be interesting to see if she avoids the stomach or just eats it and it's contents too..

I think quail is probably her favorite meal to eat. I give it to her once a month so it'd last. One day I'll own my own freezer that way I can fill it with what I want to no issue of room.

Only thing left was a few long feathers from the wings. The rest of yesterday she mainly rested.

Today she only got little bit of kibble with training and 1oz of smelt as a snack.

My dad he must have some bad memory lost I'm surprised with as much beer, smoking, and anti depressants he has been on..

My dad know Saya is on raw since she started raw two years ago. At first I was hush hush about it and coarse eventually he found out from when I was portioning meals out.

He seemed OK with it. Last year he kept going on and on how he wanted to do what I was doing, but we wouldn't let him feed Bella that way..

From my understanding her wanted to feed Bella half kibble with ground beef and chicken gizzards and heart..

Sure that's good for a nice kibble topper whatever, but long term I don't think it'd be good for Bella.

I already do that with her three times a week she gets a raw meal instead of kibble for dinner. she gets chicken quarters little bit of beef heart, liver, kidney, and boneless each week.

I also have been rotating her kibble too from wellness core ocean to Totw lamb trying deer and bison next.

All whats left of quail
well last month he was asking my mom whats all the stuff in the freezer it looks like meat, but I dunno what it is! Mom told him it's Saya's food..

I might need to buy a freezer sooner then later so he doesn't throw a fit or something especially he's back to drinking beer.. 3 or 4 a night, but I worry he might get back into habit of drinking from from morning to very late night..

Wonder where I'd keep the freezer.. I want to get a really big one that way once I move out on my own ready for a second dog I'll have enough freezer space to store meat for two dogs.

Saya licking a ton after her meal
 It's been a really sad year this year I still haven't gotten much done like I'd want to. I'd hope to get my drivers license and get a job somewhere, but we haven't been practicing.

There would be times I was ready to go practice then it got ruined by mom complaining about work it bummed me out so practice didn't happen.

Or like the one day we went to the dog park the ladies do who attacked Saya really screwed my day up. Made me so sick how the lady did nothing.

No practice..

Another licking picture

 I believe I have tinnitus I always have a noise in my ear that I hear it's like a very long piiing noise something like that.

Which coarse sucks, but not too bad if there's background noises like music, TV, people talking, etc. If there's silence it's no fun to listen to it in silence though I tend to not be bothered by it too much anymore.

Saya standing there
I'd eventually like to move out there are decent apartments out there one even has a dog park for people who live there though not sure how nice is it probably worse then the dog park I go to..

I'd eventually like to live in a house with a decent fenced yard and some day live in the country with a big yard for Saya to roam around and have a small garden and raise chickens, quail and rabbit..

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