Friday, July 15, 2011

Not much going on

Saya wearing my Junpei Iori baseball cap
Nothing much happened this Friday I slept in a bit, worked outside a bit, walked the dogs and then me and my mom went saw the Harry Potter film I really loved it.

I need to read the books on it..

Saya playing tug with the kids
Saturday we might go to the farmer's market to get some granola and maybe a veggie or fruit. Don't have much money so mom doesn't want to buy much.

I just spent money on the cranimals stuff, but still has money. I might buy a beef tongue for Saya. Still have plenty of beef, pork and lamb heart, beef, pork and lamb liver..

If the bison people are there I might check their stuff out.. They sell nice bison steaks, ground, roasts also has liver, rocky mountain oysters(nicer term for bison male B***), but the times I've gone they just had the meat maybe I can ask for them to bring the organs the next time so I can buy some for variety.

Saya never had rocky oyster before so dunno how'd she like them gross to think about, but I'm sure wolves and other carnivores eat that kind of stuff nothing goes to waste.. I'm sure it has some good type of protein and vitamins in it.. I'd probably just give it twice a month or something..

The bison place also sells smoked bison bones for dogs, but I never buy those I prefer kind that has lots of yummy meat..

Saya's fancy collar I got from Madison WI shiba picnic auction
I dunno if we even go to the farmer's market my mom kinda wants to just relax which is fine by me.

If we go I'll probably bring Saya even if they don't allow dogs at it I love bringing her I just stick to the sidewalks so she is not in the farmer's market.

I've been doing that since they started no dogs rule which sucks since she was a well behaved dog and always stuck by my side never went to people even when they showed interest in her she waited for me to say go see them.

Sad how bad dog owners can ruin it for the good owners.

Saya is so adorable with her collar
Even though they have signs on both sides dog owners still walk their dog through the farmer's market to buy things. Sign says no dogs under health code or something like that..

I'm afraid if dog owners keep doing this they'll get even mad at me for bringing Saya on the side walk..

The farmer's market is in the street the area I walk on is the sidewalk and is far from the vendors. I enjoy walking in the down town area and Saya seems to enjoy it.

We usually sit on the bench where the farmer's market is to wait for my mom to get done so she watches Saya while I look around.

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