Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ordered cranimals finally

Dog park picture dirt patch due to flooding.
well I gave mom my money and she deposited it today so I'll be ordering the 1lb cranimals very berry and 1lb of cranimals vibe.

I'll be giving it to both Bella and Saya to see how they like it and report if anything happens..

I like the ingredients and the seaweed and spirulina in vibe is nice Saya and Bella loves the solid gold seameal stuff.

Since vibe has seaweed in it I'll probably just give solid gold seameal once a day instead of two times.

Cranimals is a once a day thing so I'll give Saya the solid gold seameal and very berry in morning, vibe in afternoon.

I plan to give it to her by mixing it in a rotation of things like Greek plain yogurt, ground meat, caned fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines.

Dachshund checking Saya out
We have wild rasberries out in our fields which we pick till they are done fruiting. We mainly used it to make jelly, and froze the rest for smoothies or other things like pie or things like that..

We also went to prelock's blueberry farm which is pretty close where we live. Picked tons of blue berries not sure how much, but enough to make jelly, pie, and plus tons we froze and bagged for smoothies, pie, pancakes etc.

We have been giving Saya and Bella the blue berries that were good, but a bit smashed for a treat they loved it. I've also been giving them some blue berries and raspberries with Bella's kibble and to Saya too she loves the blue berries and raspberries I smashed them up, cooked them for a bit and then let it cool in her dog bowl added her fish oil and vitamin E, solid gold seameal and sometimes I added a egg to it and Saya loved the berry soup.. lol

Doesn't seem to hurt her and she just gets a couple small spoon fulls some water added to it before cooking it in the microwave.

Dog mix that Saya got snarky for greeting to in your face..
Saya seems to have issues with dogs being to in your face with greetings.

She is not aggressive when she lets them know about it she shows signs the is not OK with the greeting, will yell, and bite at the air never biting at the dog just to get the hint across if other warnings didn't work.

All the dogs she met seems to get the hint and back away and next time greet more calmly and they get a long.

After meeting the same dogs a few times she gets less defensive and seems more better with them.

The dog in the picture she got snarky with at first, but once the dog calmed down she got along and did well with him.

Saya seems to do better with spitz type dogs like husky or husky mix.

She met a keeshond that she likes at first meeting and she even got to meet a B&T male shiba inu he resource guards water so his owner takes him to the second large dog area with no dogs, but if the water bowls are put up he does fine with other dogs.

Saya's first meeting they both got in a snarky fest it was just lot of screaming and noise, but not fighting or anything after a bit they calmed down and played a bit.

Bella even wanted to come over to play so we took her over too the male shiba inu loved Bella they wrestled for a bit.

Saya with her cute pink kitty plush she hasn't destroyed it yet.
Back on cranimals subject I hope it comes pretty quickly I've read there's a mail strike in Canada not sure if it's done yet.. Cranimals is based in Canada I believe. I hope my shipment is not too delayed.

I dunno what I expect from giving this stuff I already give Saya a good balanced raw diet, but who knows maybe it'll help boost her immune system even more.

I don't think it'd hurt to give it a try and stuff. coarse the 1lb tubs cost a lot more than the 4.2oz ones..

4.2oz costs $18.95 while 1lb ones costs $65.00.

I figure it'd cost 75$ or so to get the amount in the 1lb tubs if I bought that many 4.2oz ones..

Saving of $10 for buying bulk..

Still a lot of money to spend as a trail run, but ah well if the dogs do well on it I think it'd be worth it.

Since I'll be giving it to Bella too my mom helped me out by buying one of the 1lb containers of it so I just gotta pay 65$ instead of $130..

Shipping free so that's good.

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