Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Late Birthday Saya!

April 28 or 29th I forgot which need to check anyways she is now two years old!

Her Birthday treat was going to the mini farmer's market in the downtown area this Saturday she loves going and behaves so well with people there. Everyone just loves her and wants to pet her.

The meat, veggie, and fruit farmer was there I bought $41 worth of meat for saya all grass fed and free range!

146oz of meat sounds like a wonderful birthday gift for her!

I got her a lb of ground lamb, two things of lamb hear one of it was 8oz the other had a 8oz piece and a 6oz piece of heart in it, she also got lamb liver, beef heart, beef liver, beef tongue, beef kidney, pork tongue, pork heart, and pork liver.

Forgot how much of each I got her I guess we'll see once I get around to thawing and sorting it all out.

She has plenty of liver so probably will just sort the kidney, tongues and hearts and then do the liver once it's low.

I mostly got organs with some ground lamb since Saya has plenty of boneless pork, bone in items, and whole quail and whole saury(type of fish).

Saya at 8weeks tugging blanket out of crate

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