Friday, March 1, 2013

Taste of the wild southwest canyon

Well she is finally fully on the taste of the wild southwest canyon kibble only been two days, but so far she is doing good on it normal #2 and she likes it coarse she likes anything unless it's pheasant. only raw item she doesn't like.

My thoughts on it I think it's OK chickpeas, peas are the second and third ingredient.. Boar is seventh on list. Beef first, lamb meal fourth and egg fifth.

Main ingredient isn't boar, but ah well.

I figure I'd try this kibble anyways to see how Bella do on it. I was going to get the lamb formula, but saw this was new.

Saya likes the kibble as a treat too.

Next kibble she'll be on is wellness core the chicken and turkey formula. She was on it at year old, but had switch because Dink had issues with the chicken or turkey.

Bella did good on it when she was on it so I think she should be fine.

Bella is getting pork ribs, chicken gizzards and heart, and chicken liver today plus a bit of caned sardines yummy.

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