Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring is coming.2

Flowers are coming up
Weather has warmed up some 35F to 40F and sometimes in the 50F or so which is nice.

Coarse warm weather means ticks are out. I hate ticks.

Saya will need to go to the vet to get some more heartguard and I plan to try frontline plus again see if it works this time. advantix Saya lost under coat, but frontline plus didn't work at all.

If it doesn't work after couple months I'm done with both frontline plus and advantix.

Pear tree getting ready to bloom soon

The pear tree is getting ready to bloom which be nice to get some pears. I hope we don't get any bad frost that will ruin it..

One day out of this week we have rain/snow showers hopefully we don't get it.

I've mainly been doing minor yard work taking stuff to compost like leaves and compost stuff from the bucket in the garage..

Today I picked up Bella's number twos and Saya was hanging out back, but when I got done picking it up she moved to the side of the house.

I then played fetch and tug with Bella for a bit then headed to the dock to relax.

Dogs coarse followed and explored the area.
Saya does really well off leash sometimes I think she isn't a shiba. haha

Not sure why she is good, but I'm happy. Probably thanks to being where I am as I can practice it more often.
Compost is doing good and well composting stuff. I enjoy it as it keeps a lot of things out of the trash like coffee grounds, tea, ashes from the fire place, stuff from food I don't eat, banana peels and so on.

The turning compost sucks the crank broke on my so it no longer works well. :\

I plan to get another squire compost as it works just as good though turning the compost can be hard, but it does good job.

The bin on the right is done composting it practically looks like dirt..

I'm keeping the turning compost as I plan to try to fix it so I can lock the lid better and just turn it by hand somehow if it doesn't work out I'll use it for something eventually or trash it.
Bella loves her bison hide
Bella is doing better off leash too she listens and doesn't go as nuts like she used to which is good I don't want to get gray hair early in my life.
Bella is off!
Amazing how fast Bella can run she is now much more mature and when she runs she keeps it in the yard.

Though I think her runaway troubles was a mix of hypothyroidism and not being treated correctly by my dad..

He was having some emotional issues and he'd go sleep on the couch instead of his room like normal person and Bella being goofy friendly boxer puppy she coarse wanted to lick his face and be petted..

He yelled at her very loud way to loud for any sort of correction. Which sent Bella into shaking mess.

I was pissed, but couldn't say anything as a daughter is always wrong and below her dad.. Well that is how I feel my dad thinks of me..

Sure I understand to respect my parent's I do, but when I put up with what I put up sometimes it is hard and sometimes daughter is right.

I think it was due to meds he was taking dumb doctor kept over medicating him on things plus his drinking did not help.

Since being on the medicine Bella is less lethargic and less flighty she acted scared a lot which is due to hypothyroidism I think. Before the meds Bella mainly layed on the couch did nothing and now she is active and happy.

I've told the vet about Bella's running and he says that is symptom of hyperthyoidism.. She has had blood checks and she is fine no need change meds.

I dunno what exactly is reason for her running, but I don't think things are so clear cut on it.

I'm glad she is better and dad is no longer changing medicines so much so he is stable mostly his only issue is he repeats himself sometimes..

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