Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is on the way

This was taken Thursday.. I made Saya a shiba igloo in the snow.

Sadly it's gone. :( Weather warmed up a lot in the 40s and some rain every so often.. I guess spring is on it's way..

Ticks are a sure sign of it plus robins in the yard. One day I counted 20 robins! Like a army of birds.

Some vultures thought they'd hang out in my yard one day.. there was three there and one or two in the skies I think. I scared them off after I got pictures..

I saw no dead animal so maybe they were hanging out I dunno.

Good thing Saya wasn't out or she'd run them off. She chases off goose, hawks and any big bird really.
This is what Saya likes to do when she isn't taking walks, hiking or looking for mice. Relaxing in the comfy grass.

Sadly ticks are out with warmer weather. Saya's outer coat where it fell off where the advantix was applied is pretty much grown in. I still notice it, but it isn't as bad.

I just dunno what to do for tick protection for Saya.. Frontline plus Saya got ticks still I'm sure it takes time to kill the tick, but it was alive and semi gorged. I check her multiple times despite the stuff to be safe and coarse I missed this one. :\

Advantix worked and killed them, but made her outer coat come off where it was applied. I even tested and put tiny bit in another spot besides where it said sure enough tiny bit came off. Kinda dumb to test, but it proved it was the advantix not some off wall blowing coat or coat issue.
Here's Saya outer coat gone.. just under coat and some red colored outer coat.

It's now better I need get pictures of it now since it's grown in some.
I love walking in field and I hate leaving Saya home and only walking Bella in the field due to her bad reaction..

I don't want walk her in the field unprotected by ticks either.

I might try frontline plus again and see if it kills the ticks now.. If not what point spending $$ on it if it doesn't do it's job.

I don't want use the product that did kill them as it causes issues with her coat.

I do hate putting chemicals on her, but I have to living in country there is a lot of ticks and a lot of animals that carry the ticks deer, rabbits, groundhog and so on.

Checking her works, but only so much as Saya is so darn fluffy even in summer it's hard to check her as her coat is pretty thick.

Coarse not as thick as her winter coat, but still thick.

Saya did have bad reaction to the advantix so even the good kind of spot on have issues.

Each dogs are different and they react differently to certain things so I don't think advatnix is bad, but it isn't for Saya..

I plan to try frontline plus which I hope it works.

Took recent picture of Saya.. She looks nice here now. :)

The previous picture was taken in December 2012 and recent is today. I was bit worried it wouldn't grow back, but it did.

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