Saturday, March 2, 2013

Finally got done reading fruits basket manga, and now I can work on this book.

This morning was a nice one we walked in the field then headed back. I did some little yard work feed the birds and pick up dog #2..

Saya decided to wander in the woods while I was out front cleaning it up.

I was done saw she wasn't around so I checked at the shed the woods by the shed then I headed to the woods by the burn pile and I called her then heard her jingle she must been standing still sniffing or something since I didn't hear her bells.

I called her to come and I went down to check what she was up to she was on the other side of the water so she had to cross the little bridge and then she walked on the hill and came to me.

We headed back home because I needed breakfast and she needed to eat too.
Saya got pre made raw Bravo! brand beef, tiny bit of beef fat, caned sardines, water, coconut oil and blueberries. Yummy.

I made omelette with cheese, spinach and green peppers. Before I added salt and pepper I put a bit of omelette on Saya's food and she loved that.

I think this weekend will be a good one. I plan to do some more yard work then another walk in the evening then read my book.

Maybe draw some if I can find my pencil.

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