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Random raw stuff

Saya has been enjoying the cold weather. :) lots fun hikes and running around in the snow.

Not much happening with raw stuff usual meals.

I did buy recently two packs of turkey wings for decent price three wings in each pack yummy.

Saya gets bigger piece of the wing. I cut it so there is wing tip and the bigger piece of the wing. She is also getting a egg and chicken gizzards to add bit more meat to the meal.
One of Saya's meals last week.
This was meal of pre made raw, bit of caned sardines and coconut oil. The coconut oil is the white stuff.. I made a cheese spinach omelatte so I put couple pieces on it Saya loved it.
Another meal last week egg, beef ox tail, beef heart, and ground emu. Yummy. hehe

boneless pork, chicken gizzards and two chicken hearts yummy..

Boneless pork, chicken foot and honest kitchen love formula with some joint supplement added. I add tiny amount of spirulina it makes the mix more green.. hehe

Spirulina is supposed to be good for the immunity or whatever so I take some myself and Saya gets tiny bit once in while. Article on spirulina on dogsnaturallymagazine benefits of spirulina..

I don't give it with every meal probably three or so times a week. Plus her joint supplements.

She seems to like it and will even lick it with no water or anything mixed in it.

Since it is a powder I prefer mix it in either a bit of water, coconut oil or caned stuff.
Yummy grass fed beef liver

Saya enjoys food like honest kitchen and it makes nice meal if I need hurry up or need mix something in it.

I prefer raw, but it's good to have back up in case of power loss or camping..

I plan to get honest kitchen zeal once out of love. right now still have plenty of it. I plan to use it for some recipe on the cook book I got.
beef thymus and chicken liver
 When thinking about doing raw diet for your dog please do your research on the diet there is so much information out there and some of it is confusing and some a bit of wrong too..

I've seen people tell me feeding solely raw green tripe is just fine and dandy.

Yeah raw green tripe is good for dogs has a lot of nutrients and stuff, but I wouldn't feed it as sole boneless meal..

I know of a breeder who gives raw green tripe as first solid meal to her dogs, but they eventually go onto other items not solely green tripe..

It probably makes a good starting meal.

I've known someone who was told only feeding chicken quarters to their dog is enough no need feed anything else.  I was shocked this person followed the advice.
Diet solely on just chicken isn't good they need some variety you don't have to go nuts like I do, but feeding something other than chicken is good..

pork is usually on sale for good prices in my area..

Coarse when a dog is new to raw sticking to one protein is good.

If your dog is sensitive to raw chicken then turkey or pork can be doable if must.

Saya can eat turkey and pork bones fine depends on the piece with the pork.

Pork ribs, pork feet, and jointed part of the pork shoulder roast makes good bone in meals.

Lamb is pretty edible with bone ribs, neck, leg roast and shanks. The leg roast and shank Saya gets bone off the jointed part.

It all depends where you live. Lamb is coarse bit pricey.

I only get the shanks and leg roast when on a decent deal. I can get ribs for OK price and since it is grass fed from local farmer I don't mind feeding it.

Saya has pork head she is working on not sure how much of the skull is edible, but it makes a good workout and meaty chew. She still on the skin, meat and fat..
It all depends on your dog and your area prices vary a lot. I find it worth it as Saya enjoys it and does well on the diet.

Bella my parent's dog she is mainly kibble fed, but she gets raw as dinner every other day and she does well with it. Sometimes I give her half kibble and later on pork roast to work on.

Or if I fed her early kibble I'll give her chicken foot in evening. 

When starting on raw your dog should start on one protein source and slowly work in other proteins as the dog does well. Going slow can be a good thing as some dogs take longer to transition and no one likes loose poop.. Liver especially or any organ like heart, kidney or thymus..

Chicken is usually recommended as it's not pricey and bone in is edible plus you make it bland by taking off the skin and slowly keeping the skin on.

Coarse if dog has issue with chicken then you can try duck, rabbit, turkey or pork. Same thing try trim off fat off the pork or take skin off duck or turkey.

Feed appropriate sized items.

Bella does pretty well with small items, but something her size would be chicken quarter, half cornish hen, lamb ribs, lamb shank, pork shoulder roast, pork ribs, turkey drumstick, turkey neck, turkey wing etc..

She gets boneless or organs with her meals too.

Some dogs do fine with raw chicken despite not doing well with chicken in kibble or cooked chicken and some are sensitive to all three..

Dink had loose poop and gas whenever she ate kibble with turkey or unseasoned turkey meat cooked.. Even when very slowly transitioned to the turkey kibble she had issues..

I did give her turkey necks and turkey wings and she did fine with them. Zero gas.
Here's example of meal Bella gets. Chicken quarter beef kidney, beef liver.

A lot of what your dog can get depends on your dog. I never give Bella beef ox tails as she might swallow them whole or try crack it open too hard and break tooth. Saya does fine with them though most times she can only grind half of the bone sometimes she eats all the bone.

Saya can eat pork foot no issue, but on forum I'm on someone's dog cracked tooth on a pig's foot.

Pig foot is a lot of bone. I usually let Saya eat half or a little but and she gets some organs or boneless then I take away for next week to enjoy.

Some dogs had issues with turkey bone in meals being too hard, but Saya and Bella do fine with them.

There is a lot of types of raw feeding to choose from.

I'm no expert so can't say for sure which is best some thing Barf is only way to go a dog must have veggies and fruits every meal or whatever.

Prey model raw no veggies or fruit..

I like prey model raw's guideline 80% meat/ 10%bone/ 5% liver/ 5% other secreting organ like kidney, thymus, pancreas, and spleen few others..

I follow it and I do make some small modifications to it, but it's guideline I follow.

I don't weigh every meal like before. only thing is guaranteed to be same or close to the weight is liver and other organ. I try to keep the weight on those organs to 2.24oz if it's bit off like 2.30 2.40 or 2.50oz I'm fine with that tiny bit extra isn't going to kill.

I don't give Bella her full amount of liver or other organ needed as she gets kibble mainly she gets same weight as Saya 2.24oz..

Once I get my own freezer and able to feed Bella raw as dinner daily then I'll probably work her up to it.
I like to give caned sardines, salmon and mackerel as yummy snack, small meal, or some mixed with honest kitchen.

I used to give caned oysters too Saya liked them. She got tiny bit each week. I used some in making her dog treats too..

I think little bit of oyster goes long way don't want to overdo it on the stuff. I froze them and tiny bits so I can take two or three instead of it sitting in the fridge.

Giving raw or cooked fish is good meal too. Coarse it can be hard to source it depending where you live and it might be pricey..
2.62lb Whitefish cost me $10.45
All individually frozen into meal portions..
Yummy whitefish tail.. the fish made enough to feed her for 6days..

Coarse I didn't feed the fish for 6days I gave some once a week. She even ate the head of the fish no problem. Yummy eyes and fish brains.. hehe
Pacific Saury(mackerel pike) is another source of fish I feed I get this more then the whitefish. Mainly because it still has it's had and guts. The store also offers them without head and guts for bit less, but I prefer getting the whole fish.

Saya loves this fish she'll eat whole thing or half of it sometimes.

I get them from a Asian market it comes with four in a pack for $5 and some cents maybe bit more I forgot. I usually get two packs plus a mackerel.

I'm glad there is places in my area like the Asian market the prices for things are good and they have a wide selections. Coarse gotta check the fish as some are salted.

Sorry for such random blog post I haven't posted in while and mainly been trying get things in order..

Spring is hopefully on way so I'll be bit more active with things hopefully.

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