Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Groundhog is back!

Today I did usual took dogs on walk then did some yard work while dogs explored some and relaxed..

I found out why Saya has been adamant about checking the shed at least once when outside.

A groundhog is under there. :(

I got two, but apparently there was three or maybe this one is new one coming in to the hole..

I really need to block that area darn cats go under it and groundhogs..

I was sitting on chair while Saya was laying down and Bella was chewing on meaty lamb leg bone. She finished it today. I saw it run from the shed to the field. I was taken back because I thought I was done with it.

Once the two were gone I had no veggies being eaten.. Maybe this one was more sneaky I dunno. I'll need take care of it especially before we plant veggies. 
Soon will be removing the mulch off the bog.
Anyways Bella has been on Totw:southwest canyon kibble for while so far she has done well on it poop wise and no gas coming from her which is good.

Energy wise is same as when she is one wellness core ocean. She seems to like the taste of it too.

She is getting low on it so I've started switching her to wellness core.

Turkey and chicken is the protein of the kibble. I haven't fed this since we first switched her to adult kibble.

Dink had issue with it so we switched to core ocean. I think Dink had issue with cooked turkey.

Bella did fine on it I think, but been long time so can't remember too well.

She has just started so we'll see how she does on this kibble.

She enjoys raw and cooked chicken and turkey with no stomach upset so hopefully kibble form is fine..

Next kibble I plan to do is fromm or some other brand probably duck formula or beef.


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