Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nice walk in snow before spring.

We got some more snow which dogs enjoyed. I'm looking forward to spring and hope we don't get anymore as I worry about our fruit trees.

We went on usual walk today and had a lot of fun and it was much easier to walk in the snow as it melted down some so it wasn't so high.

Bella did well on her walk and had a good exercise. Saya coarse did good on walk. First walk Bella was on leash and Saya off and second walk Saya on leash and Bella off.

Bella showed interest in a leaf so we had fun with it for a bit.


Saya decided to lay down on one of the rounds so me and Bella kept walking the trails while she enjoyed the snow.
Good thing we had such nice walk today too as temps will be getting in the 40F and 50F so snow will be gone in few days.
I'm expecting a package tomorrow. I got this product called Amazing green Chocolate Green SuperFood.

I got it for $32.42 versus 49.99 It supposed to boost immune system, detoxifies and few other benefits.

Ingredients seems good I never tried any supplement like this especially one that has wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa in it..

I picked the chocolate one I figured it taste good and if not I'm sure blending it with banana and some fruit would help.

I try to not go to nuts on vitamins as I prefer to get it from diet. Eating good meats, veggies, fruit and so on.

I'm doing very well diet wise, but I figure it be nice to have on hand especially if I travel and don't have chance to get enough veggies or fruit or for nice snack. 

Plus I thought I'd try it who knows maybe it'll give me even more of a boost of energy.

The who grasses and stuff might be a nutrition fad who knows. I thought I'd give it a trial for myself and see for myself if it taste good and how I feel after having it once a day.

It'll be here tomorrow so I'll see how I like it full review tomorrow when it comes along with pictures on how it looks.

I'll probably mix it in milk at first to see if it taste good with just milk.

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