Friday, March 29, 2013

Saya the treeing shiba inu and day 3 on amazing grass

Saya smiling in this picture because she had wonderful day yesterday.Why was it wonderful? She chased a squirrel up tree.

Before I let the dogs out I tried to give the squirrels chance to get to the woods and stuff well they all ran to the woods. I guess this one figured pear tree was good enough to run up.

I let dogs out to enjoy the morning while I did some stuff. I come walking down with bird seeds and the squirrel jumped off the pear tree that is at side of the house. Saya gives chase squirrel panics and runs up closest tree which is bit closer to the woods, but not enough.

Saya whines at it barks at the squirrel and puts her paw on the tree rinse repeat few times and the squirrel wanted to escape goes to the tree closest to the house and hangs there for a bit Saya coarse follows it to the tree. She climbed the stairs to the back deck coarse not high enough.

Squirrel makes leap to the ground and escapes to the woods on the right if your facing the house.

Saya didn't notice so she looked up whined a bit and checked the other trees the squirrel used to be on.

Monday is when she treed her first squirrel. We had very deep snow about 9inches maybe I forgot. She actually caught up to the squirrel, but it sunk into the snow a bit and Saya kept looking for it in the snow.

She did grab it, but it got loose with some missing fur on it's tail..

Chase was back on and the squirrel got to the tree chattering away at me and Saya it wasn't too happy.

I'm pretty impressed with her as she did good job keeping it on the tree. If I was a squirrel hunter type I'd have two squirrels by now as there were some clear shots..

Though squirrel season is not going on so I think that would be illegal? I could be wrong. Either way I'm not interested in squirrel right now.
Today is day three of the amazing grass green super food stuff. This morning I had it mixed with milk again and I don't mind the taste with it in milk I have to stir it a bit after a bit.

I also had a egg mixed with some spinach too yummy.

For lunch I made a smoothie and had some potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and left over cooked salmon.

The smoothie tasted really good I put half orange, apple, banana, little bit of blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, mango, tiny bit of raw honey, and cranberry juice.

The blender actually worked this time and didn't leak. I think we'll need new blender soon as it has leaked some which isn't fun.

I like the product so far they do have other flavors and even original which probably taste really grassy with no chocolate or berries..

They have samples of each flavors which I plan to try eventually.

I think I'll stick with chocolate though. The samples are inside a cup it does cost some money, but good way to taste test to find which you like best..
I do feel a bit more energized now, but who knows could be placebo effect..

If it is ah well makes good addition for my smoothies.

I'm not one to take daily supplements I don't like them and from the nutrition label this seems to have a good amount of nutrition in it and even has pre and probiotics.

So I feel the supplement is more natural versus multivitamin type pill..

I do still take fish oil, but besides that I don't plan to take any.

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