Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Basement is done.. sorry for lack of updates

Basement has been done for while. I got the bathroom repainted it looks much nicer than before. More brighter. Need to caulk the bath tub then I'll be done with it.

Winter is arriving so mostly been prepping for that cleaning the garage out, put the canoe up and prep my bog garden to survive any snow we may get. The bog's pot is way too heavy to take to the garage so I leave it outside all year. Most I do is trim dead stuff and put good layer of pine needles on top.

Once spring comes I take pine needles off. if I don't get all the needles it won't hurt the plants.

This spring I'll be re potting the plants as they're growing so well. Especially the purple pitcher. I might just get one of those liners for ponds and plant the stuff in that much more room for the plants to spread out.

I seen some people who make raised gardens where they have raised bed and liner with peat, perlite or peat and sand for drainage..

Anyways I got few good updates to post so I'll post them this week.

Sorry for lack of updates been kinda occupied.

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