Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My rooms done

Camera is in my store room so using my AC room as pic instead. hehe
My room is done stained, sealed, and painted. Finally got the closet doors in dad kept postponing it. He's like I'll get it tomorrow, no after I shoot my arrows.. etc.

Yesterday I asked him can we get it done now and he said OK. Coarse we screwed it up a bit so it had to be re-done this morning, but it is finally done! Hurray!

I just need get dust out of the room and clean floor then get the bed in. maybe my game and dvd storage too.

I just need paint the guest room and then clean the floor in the basement then stain it. It's a crazy process! I'm hoping once we get my stuff out of the store room into my room there will be enough room for the couch, and couple exercise things so we can stain without having to do it in sections.

I'll be happy once all this work is done in the basement. Coarse we'll be doing upstairs too, but that won't be for while.

Saya made from colors 3d on my 3ds :D I traced a picture of her and colored it so not very original, but I like it helped me get used to the paint program.

Carpet has been in the house since we bought it so it's probably 8 or even 12 years or more.
My mom is having lung problems or immune stuff so we are trying to fix the house up get rid of the carpet which she been wanting to do for long time. Luckily we got it done.

Coarse to top it off my mom's car is breaking down so we had get a new one as it wasn't safe to go long distances in it.

She got a nice truck which has plenty of room in the back for me and the dogs when we travel.

Due to all the expenses from new roof, basement and now car Bella is now eating mainly Totw lamb formula. I plan to get another variety of Totw either the bison/deer one or waterfowl one.

Much lower priced food compared to wellness core/ core ocean and fromm..

She gets fresh food too like plain greek yogurt, egg, caned sardines, salmon, mackerel. plus raw meal two to three times a week and chicken foot once or so a week. So far she is doing well with the Totw I also give her a little honest kitchen love formula as kibble topper once or twice a week she seems enjoy it and so far no issues.

Once things get better we'll be able to rotate between wellness cores, fromm and Totw again.

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