Monday, August 12, 2013

Basement rennovations incomming!

I haven't posted much mainly due to basement renovations. We are going to rip up the carpet and work on the cement so we just have cements as flooring in the basement I'm sure Saya will like that to cool off on once it's done.

It's been some work. I got all my books, dvds, games and collectables in the storeroom amazing what you can fit when your determined to fit it all.

I put my wallet in the dresser and forgot to take it out so I had to squeeze in to get it out. Crazy! ಥ⌣ಥ

We are also going to paint the guest room and my room. I chose a blue color it looks nice not a deep dark blue more like lighter.. I'll post pic once it's all done and painted. Guest room we got paint called toasted marshmallow.

The stained concrete should look good. Only issue there is a crack in the cement, but we'll fix it up..

Hopefully that will be it on the big projects. We need to take carpet out upstairs, but not right now.

Luckily it was nice day Yesterday I cleaned the snake aquariums out. I didn't have stuff for Jade aquarium so I'll be getting that today or tomorrow. She doesn't seem to mind as long as she has her hide out area and water she is happy.

Hopefully once I'm done with this project I'll make it better habit of updating my blog.

Also once done I plan on ordering some stuff from hare today.

It's been long time since I last gotten stuff from there so I look forward to it.

I plan to get 6 things of Whole Atlantic Herring, 2 lb each,
4 things of Duck Feet, 10 per bag, and 4 things of adult whole quail 8 per bag. I finally have good enough room in the freezer to fit all that stuff. Price is high, but should last Saya for good while.

I also have a $25 gift card for the place so that is good.

Saya has had the quail before and she loved it. She had duck feet before, but only dehydrated kind not raw I have chicken feet in the freezer which she loves.

The herring she never had before she's eaten white fish, saury, mackerel, tiny piece of Alaskan salmon, and smelt she loves fish so I'm sure she'll love the herring. We'll see.

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