Tuesday, July 23, 2013

25% off cranimal sale for july.

Boy it is hot time to rest in the shade

I saw this on their FB page. 25% off order good deal especially if thinking of trying this or need to stock up or something. Not sure when it ends my guess at end of July is the end of it since it's a July sale..


Hey all you Fanimals- these are the final days of our biggest ever summer sale, stock up and save - use coupon code:
BIGSAVINGS and get 25% OFF our all supplements!!
only at

they sell bully stick called cranivores..


I wanted to get some, but decided not to didn't want to buy too much already got two things of the big supplement container. I gotten the very berry one..

They also now have UTI test kits not sure if they work 100% or not as I never tried them or had issues with UTI yet.


I kinda wished I gotten the chews to try anyways. Ah well.

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