Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial day

Today my mom was off work thanks to the memorial day and we had a nice time.

We worked hard today and we worked hard yesterday too.

My mom mowed the lawn yesterday, but got called into work so I finished it and did our trails too.

Saya looking at the girl wanting a treat

Today we finished raking the lawn cut some branches and put it on the burn pile. We had the dogs out with us for a bit then let them inside when it got too hot for them.

we planted our tomatoes, chives, green peppers, and something else I think, but forgot. I hope the plants we bought grows well.

Our pears, peaches, and apples are getting their fruits which is nice.

After planting we got cleaned up and got some chik-fil-a and went to the park with the dogs we ate at one of the benches and after that had a nice walk and then got snow balls.

The dogs are so tired after our big day. which is great since a tired dog is a happy dog.

Saya ate the rest of her lamb neck, she gnawed on the bone a bit and ate all the meat and some of the marrow I had to help her get the rest and she also had a little beef tongue and before bed she gets 1oz of raw green tripe her favorite.

This evening we sat out on the back porch and Saya spotted a deer she just looked at it I at first wasn't too sure what she was looking at till I saw it.

The deer eventually walked back into the forest and I saw a on the floor drool from Saya..

I wonder what she was thinking? She has eating deer steaks, roasts, loins, and ground deer before so maybe she saw lunch or maybe she was nervous or excited. either way she liked looking at the deer.

Right now she is staring out of the downstairs door window looking at the frogs and bugs out there. She really loves watching the animals outside sometimes she sees bunnies, frogs, bugs, and even opossums too!
Today was a hot day, but it was pretty nice day too we had a nice breeze going at least.

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