Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saya focused on her quail from hare today
Saya loves her quail I think it's her favorite meal and the last time I fed it I did something a bit different I had her sniff it good and worked a bit with her to see if she'd track it.

After some work she actually did follow the quail scent trail I laid out.

I only tried it two times since it was hot out and didn't want her to get too tired.
giving the quail a good sniff
Saya Did have some scenting or tracking training at her obedience class, but was not interested in the scent the trainer had to work with.

I'm hoping to work wit Saya to see how she'll do who knows with work she might make a good tracking dog for quail, rabbit, wounded deer, or people! lol

There's no training places which help teach tracking so it might be hard to find one. I know there is a AKC type training place, but last I check they just teach, puppy class, obedience, agility, comformation, and CGC.

They might teach tracking too or know someone nearby who does.

I know Indianapolis might have a place that works with tracking might be worth the drive to do it.

It's sad shiba inu aren't used for hunting much anymore, but I can understand why it's hard to train in such a urbanized place such as today and it coarse depends on the shiba inu you have.

You need a shiba inu with enough stamina, drive and training to do it. Can't be losing your hunting dog all the time in the field. Though it can happen read it on a blog about a person in Japan lost his shiba on a hunt and had to return the next day to find her.

Saya is great off leash in my back yard and field also she is pretty good in front yard too she doesn't go after cars thankfully though if she sees a person she'll walk towards them, but will stop right away if I tell her to and then she returns to me when I call for her.

I dunno how would she do off leash in say on a park with woods or a trail. I plan to eventually work with her with a light long leash in various areas to work with her on recall under distractions coarse I plan to start small and work way up.

Here's a group of pictures showing Saya tracking the quail I plan to just do a video of the whole thing next time.
Saya off leash in the side of my yard starting to track quail

Sniffing the air

Starting to get on track

Head is on the ground a bit more

Now sniffing

Sniffing some more

Getting closer

Almost there!

Video shows her finally getting to the quail. I was happy she did decently and sorry for my voice sounds a bit annoying to me I dunno..

She has five more quail before I'll have to order more.

Saya starting to eat her quail
Saya is a pretty good shiba inu it's too bad she has a few health issues nothing major thankfully, but I feel so bad for her that her spine is not right.. I think the bunny hopping she does is neurological or something like that.

She does walk semi normal when she walks slow, but at normal pace and running she bunny hops.

I always gets people saying awe poor thing is hurt! or Why does she hop like a bunny. etc.

I dunno if there's anything the vet can do for her since it's with her spine. I might try and ask the vet to show me the x ray so I can post a picture of it here and on other sites who knows maybe someone can shed some light on it.

She had her bunny hop the day I got her from the breeder. I would have emailed the breeder, but she hasn't been replying to any emails I send to her.

I don't think I'll be getting my second shiba inu from classy kennel ever again.

I manage her issues by feeding her a raw diet she does great on it and she now no longer reverse sneezes every night or when eating like she used to when she was on kibble.

I give her chicken feet and beef gullet for a natural source of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine and so far it seems to be working she can jump up on things she used to not be able to.

Saya finished her quail all left is feathers.
 Saya eats all of her quail nothing gets wasted with her also she even eats the feathers on the quail.

The only feathers she doesn't eat are the bigger flight feathers on the wing she just eats the meat on the wings and leaves the rest on the ground. Which gets cut up when the lawn gets mowed.

Anyone thinking about raw please do your research there's plenty info out there.

Dogster raw forum has a lot of good info and some people who will help.

So your interested in raw? click here.

Saya eating lamb neck
Here's a picture of saya eating a lamb neck she has also had a lamb heart with it too. She ate the whole lamb heart and worked on the neck for a bit and left it to eat the next day.

I of coarse put it back in a baggie and gave it to her the next day.

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